MILWAUKEE M12 DAB+ Bluetooth Radio and Battery Charger

you've seen the thumbnail you've 
clicked on the link you're right here   we're going to talk about the m12 rc dab 
digital radio cue the intro let's crack on so here we have the milwaukee m12 rc dab digital 
radio this little unit here has got built-in am fm   radio digital radio and bluetooth what makes this 
little unit so special is the fact that it will   not only run off the m12 platform it'll actually 
run off a mains lead as well so it's 240 volt lead   and when that you plug this 240 volt lead into the 
unit it will actually charge your battery as well   and the only you charge the battery you got 
plugged in there on the back has a usb port   and also charge anything you plug in there so 
your phone for example so it's a great little   unit to have all together it is ip54 rated which 
means it's water resistant and dust resistant   so you're on a work site or outside somewhere and 
it starts raining you've got no worries with this   little unit it will fit in most toolboxes most 
bags let's plug it in so i can talk about a bit   more features of this radio currently we've got 
this one plugged into the mains they're showing   me here that my battery which is in here which 
is the m6 battery we've got in there it's all   charging and what we're going to do now is going 
for the modes so here we've got the mode button   these are really nice rubberized buttons once 
again it's ip54 rated so no no worries because   a little bit of water or sand and like that that'd 
be fine so it's saying here now no digital station   so all i need to do now is you've got auto scan 
and you've got manual tune so let's go to auto   scan presets and it'll scan for the radio stations 
and they'll go through and they'll completely set   up all your radio stations on there there's quite 
quite a few on those picked up so here's the one   bear in mind when you get it new from the box 
it's on pretty high so then you just go through   and it's got all your radio stations all in there 
all preset which is really nice once again that's   all your digital you press mode again it goes 
to fm radio so once again you press one of the   rubberized buttons there and it will scan and it 
will find your different radio stations for you   press mode again and then you've got your am 
settings there as well so really nice little   little features on there on top here you've also 
got the bluetooth button standard volume buttons   on the top here and then you've also got a clock 
function obviously once you take the power out   and take the battery out obviously the clock goes 
dead what you do get is a couple of batteries and   i'll show you where these go now in the base 
of the unit here that's where those batteries   go and all those batteries do that it's just 
to keep that clock activated so if you want to   have a clock on there especially on your work 
site and things like that that's what that does   so when you connect your bluetooth bluetooth will 
work on your phone approximately 100 foot away   the little speaker on this radio gets 99 decibels 
which is great for such a compact unit running an   m12 2 amp hour battery you get up to 10 hours run 
time on it which is fantastic for any radio there   it gets also a bluetooth enabled so if you've 
got music all stored on your phone spotify and   like that on your apps you can actually play 
that through there it's around about 100 foot   away the bluetooth will work so it's a really 
nice radio to do i'd say it's a solid solid   compact design and available on our website haze 
machinery credit uk so the build quality on this   is absolutely solid you have a nice firm handle 
at the back there you can use to hang it on on   the handle it's also got an indentation there 
so if you put a nail in the wall you can just   hang it up on there which would be nice it's 
also got a hollow handle design so you can   actually put something through the handle a bit 
of cord some on that to hang it up any way you   want on the rest of the construction here you've 
got your aerial just get better reception and   everything's all nice nice rugged and solid so 
if you dropped it a little bit you wouldn't be   worried about scratching or density because it 
seems really really well built that's it that's   the milwaukee m12 rc dab digital radio available 
on our website haze machinery dot code uk i've got   one personally and they are a brilliant little 
radio so this is the time we're gonna give away   our prizes we give away a prize in every one of 
our videos we do it's called a subscriber giveaway   all you need to do to be in to win it is subscribe 
to our youtube channel and put a comment below   and today's winner is mike jackson congratulations 
mike you have won yourself a walking t-shirt   and a morgue pen give us an email info at 
haze machinery dot co uk and we'll get these   goodies off to you thank you very much for 
watching the video today see you the next one

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