Milwaukee PACKOUT Rolling Tool Chest

What's up everyone? Welcome to The Durbin Compound! Life is crazy around here! And a couple hints of next things coming up on the channel 
here on the bench. But today I wanted to go over   the awesome roll out…Rolling Tool Chest. So I went into Home Depot. They said they were in stock.   Turns out they had just gotten off the semi. So, you're now starting to see these rolling PACKOUT boxes available in store. I'm excited about it! I bought one as soon as it came out,   or came off the truck at the store.

You're going to get my review on it today. Stay tuned! All right! So I just set this up for flooring. 
Flooring staplers, nailers, everything I need to   take on a job site for doing hardwood, laminate, all that kind of stuff. I've got two nailers in here,   a 25 ft. hose. I've got my roofing nailer, coil nailer. So, the overall size of the box is pretty giant.   I really don't have any problem fitting all 
this stuff in here. I kind of just set it up   the best way that I thought possible. I'll probably reconfigure it a couple more times, but nonetheless,   it does fit a lot of stuff.

So, when it fits a lot of stuff, it's also very heavy. The box is rated for 250 lbs. I have no doubt that it will carry 
that much, but even with it set up like this,   I probably have, you know, 100 lbs. worth of stuff here. This box being this size is going to be a two-man lift. There's no way, unless I have a trailer with a ramp door, I'm not going to be able   to load this by myself. So, I was a little caught off guard by the arm that holds the door open.   I know that a couple people had shown that in previous videos, but, you know, not bad that it locks open. But it's a little loose, you know. And 
then you just press this little unlock button.   And then it closes. Now, having the ability to stack two PACKOUT stacks on top of this thing…   I can imagine that it's like hauling around a casket that weighs, you know, 300, 400 lbs.   The handle does come out a good deal.

And I noticed that when you're walking with it,   there's no way that you're going to clip 
your ankles on the box. One thing I don't like about this handle is it doesn't come out and actually lock. So, unless I'm missing something,   it doesn't come out and actually lock. Or there's not even a detent. So, you know, where it comes out it comes out, and then that's it. And then it goes back in. So, there's no detent. There's a small detent that locks it in, but there's no detent out on this side. So, I can imagine that, you know, with a bigger box, people put more stuff in it.

So, it's just going to get really, really heavy.   This setup here, I'll need, you know, another person to help me load it in the truck, because I'd either   put it in the truck, or in the trailer, and, 
you know, it's going to just be gargantuan. But yeah, so those are my thoughts on it. It's 
a very well-built box. I mean, it's PACKOUT. You know, there's spots for locks. There's nice latches. I mean. it's PACKOUT all the way.   Putting more stuff on it is just going to get ridiculously heavy. Pulling this over a step,   right now as is, is going to be very cumbersome to even go up a set of steps into a customer's home.

It's going to be pretty darn heavy. But for storing stuff like this and having   a bunch of stuff all in one place, you know, not too shabby. Is it worth the money? I mean, that's for you to decide. I was previously storing all this 
stuff in bags. So I had a bag for each nailer, you know. And it was like, you know, I had my coil 
nailer in a bag to protect it.

pexels photo 5727924

And then I had my nails, you know, haphazardly thrown in there. So, before I didn't really have any good storage solutions for all this stuff. All of my nails 
were in the tote. So I've got out of a small tote.   And I got, you know, a little tray to put 
them in. Kind of makes sense, but you know,   now i have it all in one place. Not really happy that a lot of the stuff is going to bang together,   but it is what it is.

There is room for dividers in this. So, if you wanted to put an actual divider piece in here, you know, that's definitely an 
option for you. It really doesn't work for what   i want to outfit it. You know, just like this it really didn't work. It would have been sweet   to put my small air compressor in here. But then it just gets heavier and heavier. So yeah, that's that.   All right.

So my initial thoughts about 
the box are…it's awesome! It's big! It's expensive!   Would I buy multiple of them? No, I'm probably going to only have it for that case there,   where I have all my nailers and pneumatic stuff for job site flooring all in one spot.   I don't think i'll be buying a second one. Very, very cumbersome. It's going to take two people   to load it in anything I do. It practically, 
you know, it probably weighed 30 lbs. empty.   I didn't weigh it. But it was, you know, even hard to get into a trunk, you know, when I brought it home.   So, it's just one of those things. You're going to need a truck or trailer to transport this thing,   or a large SUV.

And need two people to load it, if you plan on putting a lot of tools in it.   So just be weary of that. A lot of people 
are going to say it's not worth the price.   At the $245 price point, with tax, you know, it's a hard buy. I mean, it really took, you know, the only reason I bought it is because I'm here on YouTube and, you know, I'm getting a little bit of kickback from people that watch the channel. 
So, I appreciate you! You guys are the reason why   I can buy things and review them like I do. But otherwise, if I didn't have a YouTube channel and   I really could not justify this for my business. I could not justify, you know, taking the nailers   out of the bags and putting them in a big tote like this. Thank goodness I have a full-time helper and he can help me load and unload 
the tools.

But it's going to be cumbersome.   So, just think about that in the future. If you're looking into this box, or you want validation   because you just bought this box and spent the money, yeah, it's going to be a hard sell for me.   And it's a hard sell for a lot of guys. You put more PACKOUTs on it, it's going to get way, way heavier.   So, those are my thoughts on it. Give my video a thumbs up. Or a thumbs down. Whatever you guys are into! And if you're subscribed to the channel– which you should be–we'll see you guys in the next video..

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