How to Clean an Air Conditioner – Servicing AC at Home Without removing front cover of indoor unit.

In front of me, this is my ac it's dusty look at the dust it's like a couple of millimeter thick dust so guys today i'm going to 
clean this AC without opening this front cover and remove these two filters dusty filter and rub it using hand and it will remove all of 
the dust from the air filter and if you guys have this kind of jet wash you just straight there is dust all over these fins a lot of dust and now we're going to clean it using this brush this is the dust as you see guys I am spraying little water over the fin so guys cleaning the outdoor 
unit using this jet wash is pretty simple and easy definitely spray it like this way and it will hello guys this is roy and welcome to another brand new video and front of me this is my ac LG 4 Star 1.5 ton inverted ac and this is running right now but it's dusty because I don't 
clean it for a long time it doesn't service it for a year so guys look at the dust it's like 
a couple of millimeter thick dust over this air filter and if I remove this air filter the airflow increased by three-four times there is a lot of dust on the blower on the top, you guys can see how much dust is accumulated over a period of one year so guys today in this video I'm 
going to service my ac by myself basically, I'm going to clean the ac and show you guys how you can do that at your home, I recommend all of you guys hire an ac service professional to service your ac I don't recommend you try this thing at your home but if you want to try you can do that so guys before cleaning the ac I'm going to turn off the ac first then remove the plug Then open the front cover of the indoor unit.

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This front cover and remove these two filters. dusty filter look at this dust all over the filters one filter two filters this is the bacteria filter so many people say you don't 
need to wash this filter but I do there is no problem I think washing this bacteria filter and now let's check the dust all over the fins so guys today I'm going to clean this ac without opening it I'm not going to open the ac to clean it just uh clean it a little bit so many people don't have the tools to open the ac so uh if you guys want to try to service your AC and there is not much cooling 
you are getting from the ac you can just wash your filters 
that will increase the airflow and cooling so guys now I'm going to take this filter outside and clean it because there is a lot of dust on this filter you guys can clean this ac filter using just water or you can use this kind of 
hand spray if you have one or you can use this kind of spray jet you can just throw water and rub it using your hand and it will remove all of 
the dust from the air filter and if you guys have this kind of Jet wash you just straight and it's so simple within a minute you can clean so within 10 seconds, it's near about cleaned even just cleaning this ac filter will increase the ac cooling 
performance by 70 percent and look at this dart just coming out of this ac it's horrible now I'm going to leave these filters to dry so keep it here till it dry uh now as you see guys there is dust all over these fins a lot of dust and now we're going to clean it using this brush we'll just anyway see yeah this is the dust and the fin is cleaned so guys today's challenge is 
cleaning the ac without opening it without opening, I can open this ac and it makes it a lot easier to clean this fin but I'm not going to open it but next video I'm going to 
show you guys how to open it and clean this fin cleaning this fin will be 
a lot easier if I open it now guys as you see the fin 
is way cleaner than before next guys, I will take a cloth and little water here I'm taking some water using these clothes I'm going to clean the ac like this way guys I made a video about 3-4 years 
back about cleaning the ac and this video gets uh how many 2 million views I think on youtube and at this time I don't know how to clean the ac basically, what I did, I 
just cleaned those AC filters then I cleaned the ac using an air blower doesn't touch the ac fin now as you see guys the cooling 
fin looks neat and clean it will definitely improve the cooling performance ac was brand new near about a month old And there is no dust deposit like this so there's a reason I am able 
to clean that ac using a blower But if your ac is dirty like this if you have this many darts over the ac You need a jet wash to clean 
that or service your AC next, I'm going to use a 
water spray to clean the fin uh if you use water that is 
the best thing you can use to clean ac fin to use a little bit of water 
spray to clean this fin and here is this side we have the PCB so be careful and make sure you don't 
spray any kind of water on that side because if you spray water 
it can damage the electronics and some ac has a display over here so if you guys have a display on your ac make sure you do not spray any kind of water there be careful guys I'm not recommending guys use these kinds of tricks to clean your ac contact any kind of professional ac cleaner uh that will be better because if you do any mistake you can run your ac PCB and that can destroy your ac and probably cost you around 
another 10 000 rupees to fix it I'm swatting it's too hard to record clean so many things I'm doing at a time guys next guys I'm going to use this water spray to clean that fin I can use a motor jet wash then I need another ac cover now little by little spray the water as you see guys I am spraying little little water over the fin and the mud that is deposited over the fin will dissolve in water and drain through the drainpipe of the ac so as I said before guys this side is the PCB so be careful when you are 
cleaning your ac using water if you want to get on this 
side there will be a problem so guys the cleaning will 
take a little bit long time so I'll pause the video here a few moments later guys, I spread near about five liters of water in the ac and the fin is getting clean pretty good clean now look at this guy's fin it's clean and some of you guys might have a question like you spread five liters of water on the ac and what happened with the water so you need to spray little by little you don't need to spray a lot of water because if you spray a lot of water then drain pipe will not be able to drain all of this water the water will overflow from this area of this ac and if you guys want to jet or the ac you can get this kind of there is a huge 
cover you can buy that will cover the ac uh drain water will come from here and if you guys 
want to clean your ac without opening the cover there is a problem problem is it's not going to 
clean everything there is some dust but uh other thing is the blower you see uh let me turn on the 
light okay so you see guys the blower is dirty is a lot of dust on the blower you need to 
open the ac to clean it and if you guys want   to clean it what you can do turn on the ac 
so it's a stunned one so now turn on the ac   and set it to fan mode i've already set it to 
fan mode and the blower will start spinning okay as you see the blower is spinning   now what you guys can do and guys take a 
brush like this and put it here you see and we were doing this make sure you add 
a marks because dust i am allergic to dust so guys i cleaned the blower now 
guys i'm giving it a final touch cleaning it as you see pump 
it to increase the pressure now i think it's pretty much done 
and if you guys want to see where the   drain pipe is and this is the drain pipe and this is the outer unit over there so whatever 
water i am spraying there is draining from here   it's not drained on my room because i'm explaining 
little bit water but if i use lot of water then   the acid rain will overflow and it will drop 
inside the room as you see guys the indoor unit   is clean 100 clean now we're going to use this 
blue axi makes life easier air conditioner cleaner   and purified so i'm going to use it it's optional 
you can use it you cannot use it that's depends   on you but it makes easy smell better and see if 
there is any kind of bad smell is coming through   you raise it you can use it so now i'PCBgoing 
to spray it so i'm going to spray this side i'm going to do a little bit 
more spray from the top side   the indoor unit cleaning is done and now i'm 
going to leave this ac for 5-10 minutes now   guys we're going to put this an air filter 
so first we'll place the bacteria filter okay next we put the air filter   now this is the next one okay done   now guys i'm going to clean 
the outdoor unit it's simple   i've already set it up everything so this 
is a bucket or this is the this is for   my jtos this is the outdoor unit so guys 
cleaning the outdoor unit using this jet   wash is pretty simple and easy as you see this 
is the how do you make and i need to go there so look at the outdoor unit condition okay 
so as you see guys it's dusty with it clean   it definitely need some amount of cleaning look 
at the dust all over the ac before using a jet   wash to clean your outdoor unit make sure 
your your outdoor units support jet wash   some older ac do not support this kind of 
jtos and the water get inside the motor and   then your sc probably died so make sure 
your ac support jet wash if you support   it you can definitely spray it like this 
way and it will clean it within few minutes look at this guys how easy it is to clean mosquitoes are in india kolkata 
we have a lot of mosquitoes   it's a huge problem here look at this 
muddy water that's coming out of the act so guys the jatras clean is near about completed i use near about 20 liter of water to clean the ac 
now i'm going to leave the outdoor unit for some   time to dry then we're going to turn on the ac and 
test it guys so guys i successfully cleaned my ac   then there's the ac it's neat and clean and on 
what i am going to show you guys so now if i   open here you can see how clean it is it's neat 
and clean it looks like some brand new ac guys   now guys let's turn on it guys the airflow is 
increased a lot i think the airflow increased by   five to six times it's lot of air is coming from 
the ac and previously when there is a lot of dust   this little bit air that's coming from the ac 
so if you guys clean your ac it just not only   increase the efficiency of your ac but also 
decrease your electricity bill so guys thanks   for watching the easy cleaning video hope you guys 
like this video and if you guys have any question   any session let me know in the comment section 
below and if you guys think i did any mistakes   also let me know in the comment section 
below that's being said my name is object   i'm signing out and i will meet with 
you on my next video till then bye bye

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