What is a Short Circuit? | Repair and Replace

Short circuits are created when the hot and neutral wires touch, and the circuit is completed
before the load. In this case the current no longer flows
through the entire circuit and with no resistance,
the current rises. Without any protection, this increased current
will cause the wires to heat up, burn out, and will start an electrical fire. In a protected circuit the extra current will
trip the circuit breaker or will blow the fuse. Now if an appliance keeps tripping the breaker,
then it's likely that there is an internal short. In this case you'll have to locate and repair
the damaged wires or component.

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Then the breaker must be reset or the fuse
replaced. If you want to learn more about
the fundamentals of circuits, then watch the video linked below. For more troubleshooting on water heaters,
furnace and appliances, then subscribe to our channel. And if you need help, you can call
or visit an AMRE location to talk with our knowledgeable staff. Thanks for watching..

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