Air Conditioner ( HVAC ) Magnetic Contactor Testing And Faults in Urdu/Hindi | Ac Contactor Wiring

Subscribe forever tech youtube channel to get the latest video updates Hello friends i am nadeem robin and you are watching your own youtube channel forever tech Today lets tell you about the magnetic contactors and what are these These are used in 1 and 1.5 ton conventional air conditioners Today i will tell you about its testing and what can be the possible faults of it and this video will be really beneficial for those who are beginners the one who wanted to learn the work and you will be able to learn first of all let me clear one thing if you want to repair its faults for that you should know that physically what parts are installed on it so when we see it physically in this double pole contactor we get two pole connectios two poles means that when we have given Line and Neutral to its one side we will get the output as line and neutral from its seconds two poles other than that multi connectors are here for multi purpose connections but why are these multi connections? because when we gave one input and we want to take another input and want to trasnfer that input to another place by using thimble we can get it from here same for the output the multi connections are available here other than that we can see two connectors here as well here we don't need any connection but we will energize it with electricity if we see it by zooming on it we have to give 220v to it and will work on 50/60hz frequency this is 2 pole and 30amp capacity contactor and works on 220 Volts , 50 hz and this is the coil inside it where we have give input electric other than that i have this same 2 poles contactor this is new and this is old and the old is the bad one and i will check it but i have another contactor as well so see this contactor is different from these two this way that it is single pole and we get one input and one output from this one other than this its capacity is same this is also 32amps it is written here and work 220v and 50hz frequency now lets talk about its possible faults and its testing so the first possible fault could be this that its single pole or double pole doesn't connect each other so how will we test as there is way to test it but for that we should have a multi-meter for this we will set multi-meter on continuity mode continuity means that when you touch these probes together so beep sound should be heared now i will give it electricity and show you how does a bad one looks like and how does the good one see i have installed both the wires and now we will pass electricity through it and after giving it electricity it will start working and i will show you how does it not do its operation see its has been switched and powered on and is not working and was bad that's why we changed it and when we check it through its series connectors we can't see anything happening on the meter so this means that this contactor is mechanically faulty so that's why we changed this contactor and now we will test the good one and this is the good one we will pass electricity through it see it has started now when we check it their is is beep voice means that it is mechanically good and now the next test would be of its coil the coil which behave as magnetic we will test that coil we wiil set the meter on Ohms where we passed electricity on this point and the other on this point we will check these points so how will we test it when we set the meter on ohms as this meter is auto detect if you have some other type so set it according to that now we will join the probes on this point and the other on this point and the meter will show us some reading which is showing us 1kOhm reading on the meter this mean its resistance it quite high and thin wire is used for its coils and showing 1kohms so this means it is good other than that it can have one other problem as well and that fault is this when its coil gets burned it doesn't shows continuity but their is possibility that it does shows continuity but still it doesn't works so you have to take it out of the unit and after getting it out from the unit you have to check its coil physicallly you will have to see it whether its burned and if its burned it will not work whether its showing resistance on the meter now i will tell you when its coil gets burned so we will have to changr it as their is no other solution to it or whether you can replace its coil from an old one but if its machanically faulty so it possible to repair it so i will tell you that way to do it their are two cases to repair it mechanically let me tell you these as well first of all we will open it we will open these two screws as you can see it i will show you that faulty one as welll that how it has two cases of repairing we have removed there screws if we see the old one which is faulty so see it has been damaged badly it has been hardened and jammed so there is no such possibility thats why we changed it and were not able to repair it mechanically but their is one possibility this is a new contactor and what kind of contactor is if it has these points ok and these point don't meet each other and doesn't show any continuity so it can be repaired and now how to repair it take an emery paper as i have one and cut it into a piece how much will fix in it as i did it we will do it according and do it easily then after it place the emery paper beneath the contactor points and press it after pressing it pull it backward repeat it 8-10 times now we will change its side of the emery paper and place it inside again again press and pull towards yourself repeat it 10-15 times and the contactor contact points will be cleaned after it has been clean it will start contacting each other and when it will contact each other it will start working so i hope the information i have given will be helpful for you and you will be get benefit from it so keep watching forever tech

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