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Friends if you bought a new unit you have installed it and someone has installed it for you and on the display of the unit EL01 Error code is showing and in today's video, I will tell you its complete detail and also tell you some other situation as well that if you serviced it and after servicing you installed it again and the EL01 error code is showing up if the unit is old and suddenly the EL01 Error code is shown then what could be the reason in all these situations the problems could be different and I will tell you all the possible faults so you can easily repair this error code and make the unit back to working condition and I have a dawlance company unit and this error code in many other brands as well and its meaning is almost the same so watch this video completely to understand all these things *Intro Rolls In* if you have bought a new ac and after its installation and suddenly the error code el01 is showing so its biggest reason could be the one this wire which you have installed between indoor and outdoor other than it is possible you have installed the wire connections wrong besides that, if you have installed a new unit and you are using old wire so first of all change the wire because any wire could be burnt in that old wire or could be cut and due to this, the error is shown on the display if the wire is new and fresh still check it and if everything is fine then check the wiring connection and if you did wiring connection wrong fix it and what is the way to correct it you will see on indoor 1 (L), 2 (N), S, and the earthing wire now you have to check the color codes that which point has which color code wire you saw red black white and green and yellow and in the outdoor, you will have the same kind of outdoor which will have the same points here and ar all the points you have to install the same wire which will make the connection proper the when you did the connections proper then your unit has chances to be fixed but you in the 1st attempt has done this that this red wire you in the indoor has attached the same but in the outdoor, you attached it with the S then this will be a big mistake then due to this, it is possible that indoor unit PCB and the outdoor unit communication PCB could be permanently faulty then you will have to check the circuit and repair it then your unit can be fixed and I will tell you this as well that this is a serial communication error which means that the indoor and outdoor unit is not communicating with each other due to which EL01 error code is shown on the display and now we will talk that if your unit is old and it was working ok quiet a while and suddenly the error EL01 is shown on the display then its possible faults are many let me explain all of them one by one for tracing the fault I will recommend that if you will take a start from indoor you can easily reach the fault I have installed a multimeter in the unit and if you have a multimeter too then it will be good but if you don't have a multimeter then you can trace this fault through a tester as well but now let me tell you see I have installed the multimeter and set it to ac electric and I have set it to ac electricity right now and installed its probes in line and neutral and now what we have to do here so you have to do this as our indoor is working electricity is flowing through it let on it because the error showed that time now I have started it and the error will also be shown after some time now you will have to check electricity here that the output here the output which comes out of the PCB the electricity of this unit comes towards indoor 1st then the switching relay is installed here it switches on and then goes toward the outdoor now we have to see that the electricity is going towards the outdoor or not so do this for it that you on the indoor and sometimes the relay gets on after sometime then you wait for sometime if electricity comes here well and good otherwise then you will have to open it PCB so the could be there as well so for it when you will use a tester you see the tester it should glow if the electricity is available here if the electricity is not passing then it will not glow you can not check the neutral with the tester you must have a multimeter for that now I have to wait a lot and I heard the voice of the switching relay but the electricity didn't pass through the PCB and not showing on the multimeter In the same way, if you have a tester you must check it as I Told you before and you will understand that the electricity is not getting output from the indoor PCB now I will have to open it and check it from inside now I have opened the PCB and the beneficial thing here is this that this PCB switching relay is installed separately by the company and we can easily check the switching relay here but how do its work and functions if you didn't watch it must see it as well and you will know its functions and if you see a wire here cut or after heating get burn then quickly fix it and then the unit fixing chances are 100% percent and these small wires in this unit are 12 volts which through this PCB gets the supply through which the relay on and functions if the connector disconnects or if you serviced it and you forget then you see it and connect it back now let's see the next situation how will it be if you have on the unit pass electricity through it and not on the unit through remote and still the supply is going towards the outdoor then it means the switching relay is ok it has no such issue and 221 volts are shown on the multimeter and if you don't have a multimeter then you will have to test it through a tester and when we will test it through the tester It is glowing means the supply is going and you won't be able to check the neutral and you will know what going on here after this, you will have to check its communication but already I had made i video on it if you didn't see it must watch that video as well and you will know it through it and now I didn't on the unit for sometime and its switching relay has switched off as I will check it through the tester then no supply I passing though and I will have to switch on the unit again I on it the switching relay has not rapidly switched on no power supply has through it now what will I have to do is wait to see whether the switching relay switches on or not now the switching relay is on The fan has also started so you will also have to check this way and you will know it and when you checked the indoor properly and after checking it all the things are fine but its communication system is not working properly then it means that the problem could be at the outdoor or the problem could be in this wire now you will go toward the outdoor unit the way I checked it electricity and communication and see whether the electricity is proper or not if it coming properly then you will have to check the communication and if the communication is not getting a fix then it means that this wire is not good or the outdoor unit PCB is is faulty or dead and you will see this kind of PCB and you checked all the thing on this PCB's connector after this if the outdoor PCB fuse gets burn the PCB will not work and the communication will not be good and the error will be shown on the display if another component gets faulty or its switching ic and if it SMPS as well get faulty then the unit will give this error you will have to repair the PCB and you will have to check its wire and check the continuity that whether it is passing signals or not then your unit has a chance to get repaired and if the PCB gets faulty so I had already many videos of repairing of it you see that and you will properly repair it and the unit will work

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