How to Solve Samsung AC CF Problem | CF Error Display

okay good evening everyone and today video 
I'm going to show you what you can do when   your Samsung air conditioner is showing the 
CF on your air conditioner display so don't   worry it's not any error on your air conditioner 
it this just requires you to clean the filter   and to do that you just need to 
take out the filter and clean it   so the filter of the air conditioner will 
take place on the top or on the front of   your air conditioner it's just a different… 
different model it has the different parts   so for example now I take out the filter from my 
air conditioner the filter will look like this and you can see all the dust is the… on the 
filter so when there are too much dust on the   filter the air conditioner will request you to 
clean it you just take it out and clean with the   water and dry it and put it back and when you 
put the filter back to the air conditioner and   the CF still remain on the display so to reset it 
you just press the sitting on your remote control   and go to the press the right 
arrow until you can see the   word filter reset is blinking and then you just 
press set and point the remote control to your air   conditioner and now you will see the CF display 
will disappear and that is all for what you can   do when your Samsung air conditioner display the 
CF and thank you everyone for your time watching   this short video and I hope to see you again 
in the next video bye bye and have a nice day

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