Air Conditioner Not Cooling Enough [2 Simple Checks to Do Yourself]

hey Dad hi I'm here in your house now we're 
together my air conditioner is running but it's   not cooling well right so what are we gonna 
talk about today well we could make this as   complicated as we could possibly meaning here's 
14 things to check or could go wrong but let's   limit it to the two things that anybody could 
check and you'll have a pretty good likelihood   to either know why it's not cooling or what you 
need to do now okay two things to check to know   why is my air conditioner not cooling well the 
first is your air filter downstairs really easy   to access for most people but right down here we 
want to find the the filter slide right here and   we're going to just pull it out this is a micro 
powerguard high efficiency air cleaner but you   can just have a regular one-inch filter as well 
but we want to make sure that this is relatively   clean now when I talk about a filter that is 
creating a problem you're gonna see pretty   much a mat of dust and dirt over the surface of 
it depending on the type of filter that you've   purchased you know sometimes the home centers 
have these pleat and type filters that can be   extremely restrictive to air flow groups it can 
almost turn into the equivalent of a piece of   cardboard as far as letting air go through it 
and a really really restricted air filter can   cut down the air flow to the air conditioner to 
the point where it's gonna affect how well it   can cool and so that's first thing to check do 
we have a problem with the air filter okay my   air conditioners and cooling well thing to check 
number two and that is go outside and look at the   outdoor unit this is called a condensing unit 
but go outside and look at the outdoor unit you   may find a lot of bushes or that have become 
overgrown de specially blocking the airflow   out of the top of the unit here you want to make 
sure everything is trimmed back at least a couple   of feet all the way around the air-conditioner 
so you've got a free flow of air another thing   you're going to want to check is is there dirt on 
my condenser coil and it's gonna depend on what   kind of cabinet you're looking at as you can see 
we've on this particular cabinet we have little   horizontal louvers here to know if there's dirt 
on my coil you need to look down and up into the   condensing unit you should see the surface of an 
aluminum coil and it's got little fins on it you   should clearly be able to see it you can actually 
get dust dirt or cottonwood seeds and completely   impact that coil and so it cuts down the airflow 
and that is probably the number one the absolute   number one reason and air conditioners of coolant 
oil but many times if you just look at it like it   is here it looks perfectly clean you need to 
know how to look in those louvers some will   have horizontal louvers others will be vertical 
some don't have any louvers at all you know the   coil itself is it completely exposed that makes 
it really easy but you want to make sure you're   clean here so keep everything trimmed back keep 
especially above the unit because I'm feeling the   hot air being ejected off this unit right here 
if we had limbs or something like that hanging   down on it we're just causing that hot air to 
recycle back through the air conditioner so we   want everything cleared away and especially up 
above 6 to 8 feet typically so we can discharge   that heat away from the air conditioner so those 
are the two things now having checked those two   things if you really don't see a problem G the 
filter doesn't look like it was dirty enough to   be a problem or G I'm not really seeing 
anything out here call the professional

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