HVAC Tech School: How to Read AirFlow Differential Pressure?

hi control transcommunity this is Eric Strom quits with control trends smart building and HVAC control news you can use get a lot of questions on the website about Magna hillock gages and how they work think about this way the doctor checks your blood pressure for a reason because basically that pressure allows the blood to flow from your heart through your body if you get a card you got a problem same thing with your buildings and same things with your homes if strict ins like dirty air filters or other restrictions that keep the air from flowing then you have to troubleshoot it because the tenants are not going to be happy so how do you do this well in this video I'm going to talk about a tried-and-true the dwyer Magna healing gage so check it out it's a short video watch it to the end if you liked it please subscribe to the YouTube channel and give us a life okay so let's look at the basic Magna heal it gage and as you can see it's a couple things just a set of magnets it is a center that's actually senses the differential pressure of the static pressure and then it's a helix that winds and unwinds as the magnet is pulled from side to side you can see how this works in this particular little video clip here okay you can use these gauges in a lot of different ways typically what you're going to use it for is to diagnose airflow problems in a unit so to do that you'd be basically putting a pitot tube or some sort of Center in the supply and one in the return and the most important thing to remember that is if you got a pitot tube number that 90-degree end goes into your airflow if you get it backwards it'll miss your readings up okay so once you get the supply and the return hooked up you're ready to go you can either read it directly off of the magnet hillock and essentially your equipment will have differential pressure rating that the equipment's operating optimally at if it's not in that range then you know you got a problem could be a dirty air flow filter or something could be clogging up your ductwork okay many many uses of this you can use it on your AC units your furnaces you can use in commercial applications too but it's all based around air flow you've got to get the air flow through the system now at Strom plus we still Strom Coast combat is we still sell Magna helix it's especially the Dwyer Magna hillock is one of the all-time greats still works really well a lot of people have popped over to the electronic ones we stock test oh and a couple of other brands that are really great same principle suffers electronic reading and now we even got to bluetooth so you can actually is your phone to do your Diagnostics okay so I will put some links some individual mag flow meters in the in the notes below so if you're looking for a mag flow meter then click the links take you right to the Strom quest comm website alright if you like this video please subscribe to our YouTube channel and give us a thumbs up have any questions reach out in comments

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