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Uh I I highly respect NorCal I'm going To tell you what nor cattle is in the Top of my book when I think about Technicians on YouTube I think of NorCal And he's like underrated guys too Because there's channels out there with Like a zillion subscribers not me but There are other channels like that and NorCal comes in at a lower amount still More than me deservedly so but he's just He's like a real technician with real Tech stuff I like that I think he's a Cool guy I put him in the same category I don't know if anyone can remember this Guy but uh heavy diesel heavy diesel was A technician's technician right there Technicians technician I think is how You say it not not popular on YouTube Any stretch of the imagination because He just put up some clips and stuff but I mean there's a guy who knows what he's Doing Absolutely knows what he's doing doesn't Showboat about it just does his job Films it a little bit man that's a solid Technician Now let's see here Uh we got We got Susie done what's up Susie I'm Glad you're here Susie Susie Q Now I gotta think about that song for About 10 minutes kangaroo guy what's up What's happening Randy Labs what's up Roger we got Roger Gregory at um Cannon

Casey we got HVAC technician talk we got Stefan B Oh Jim pet not you know what that is a Fantastic uh recommendation right there Jim pettinato if his stuff is still out There On the internet which I think it is I Think I saw his stuff on the internet Not too long ago He's still out there he hasn't filmed in A while but talk about a guy who is the Top of his class as far as Refrigeration Technician Hey Susie Don't worry about the shout out it's my Pleasure Justin Bieber our lone Moderator is here our loan moderator Justin Bieber he will put the hammer Down What's up Ted Ted just in time to see The show end just in time to see the Show in because that's about where we're At as Ted guys anti DIY he is a famous YouTube channel who does service calls Here's another guy who does service Calls that's worth watching I'm not Saying that guy other guys aren't worth Watching I'm just saying that Ted is a Guy that takes you on the call you see The whole call unfold the rationale the Thought process and you see him work Through it I think it's really really Good and he owns the company too so you Get a little bit of Knowledge from that

Area as well so that's a good one to Watch right there if you guys have not Already subscribed and I'm sure a lot of You are subscribed

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