How to Replace Blower Motor 11-17 Toyota Camry

Hi, I'm Mike from 1A Auto. We've been selling auto parts for over 30
years. Hi, everyone. Sue here from 1A Auto. And today we have our 2013 Toyota Camry in
the shop. And I'm going to be replacing the blow motor. If you need this part or any other part for
your car, click on the link below and head on over to First thing I'm going to do is open the hood. We're going to disconnect the negative battery. Whenever we're working with electrical, you
always want to disconnect the negative. And wait about 30 seconds to a minute before
disconnecting anything. With a 10 millimeter wrench, lift it up. Tuck it aside, and make sure that it doesn't
rest on that. So on the driver's floor compartment, you'll
see this kick panel under the glove box area. And there's four connections–they are metal
clips. I take a flat screwdriver and I push down
in there, and I pull the tab out.

And then I have this one electrical connector
right here, and we can disconnect the whole thing right there. Let's discard that. And now we can have access to the blow motor. First thing I'm going to do is disconnect
the electrical connector by pushing down on this tab and pull out the connector. We've got a body clip tool, and I'm going
to disconnect where it punches in over here. Let's see if it's the way. Actually, I don't think it touches it, so
I'm not going to do that–I'm going to leave that right there. There's three mounting screws, and they need
an eight millimeter socket. Take those out. And the last one is right here.

As someone that works on cars, this is where
you pray that there's no sleeping mouse family in that blow motor. We don't want to disturb them. More or less we don't want to be disturbed. Bring that down. Now you might have to manipulate a little
bit, not much. And here we have the blower motor with the
cage intact. So here we have the actual blower motor we
just ordered from 1A Auto, and here's the factory blower motor. This one from 1A comes with its cage. It's balanced, just like the factory. Those are those metal clips you'll see inside
on these fins. That means that they powered this up. Made sure it worked. And they balanced the cage out, so you don't
get a vibration noise. It comes with the resistor, just like the
factory one. You have the same connector. Three prong connector, right there, and three
mounting screws. And this actually goes to the vent. There's a cooling system that let's the air
flow in here to cool that motor down, because of the resistor that's mounted on the back.

pexels photo 3807319

If you need this part or any other part for
your car, click on the link below and head on over to Now we're just going to reverse procedure
to install the new one. Now because no leaves came out or anything,
it's pretty clean in here. Normally I would just check real quick by
putting my hand up in here, because you don't want debris in the new blow motor. Line it up, and let it sit up there. I'll start the first screw.

Because it's plastic, it's easy to start it
by hand. Now we're free to tighten this up. You want it to bottom out, and just a little
smidge of a turn, quarter turn. It is plastic so you don't want to strip it. All right, let's connect the connector. Line it up until it clicks. Now we'll get that undercarriage kick panel. This has two guide pins, right here. Just see the holes in the back of the pry
wall or kick panel. You'll line those right up. We're going to connect our little electrical
connector here. And line your clip pins up. Push them back. And we're ready to connect that battery again. Let's try it out. Now we're ready to connect our negative battery
cable. Just going to bring it right over. Move it so it sits nice and flush on top of
that battery. The post still sticking out on the top. Take our 10 millimeter wrench and tighten
this down. Let's try it out. With this car, all's you got to do is push
the button without your foot on the brake twice.

And now the power comes on. And I can actually check the blow motor out. So there's all the speeds. Right up to high. It's nice and quiet. You can't hear anything but the air flow. Thanks for watching. Visit us at for quality auto parts,
fast and free shipping, and the best customer service in the industry..

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