2 NEW Milwaukee Tools Expand M18 and MX Fuel Concrete Lines

I'm Clint DeBoer from pro tool reviews 
here with another new tool tip-off   you don't want to miss milwaukee tool announced 
two new products that should bring some more   mobility to concrete pouring and finishing tasks 
you have the milwaukee mx fuel vibratory screed   and the m18 fuel concrete pencil vibrator when 
you level concrete you have to make sure the slab   is perfectly flat and properly graded that's 
where the mx fuel vibratory screed comes in   it's got enough power to pull a 16 foot bar and 
consolidate up to six inches of concrete plus   the compact cp203mx fuel battery nets you two 
hours of runtime per charge at partial throttle   when using a 12 foot bar we can only 
imagine this marks just the beginning   of milwaukee tools 4a in into battery-powered 
concrete finishing equipment solutions   this milwaukee screed features a push 
button start another advantage over gas   and requires no regular maintenance any tool that 
provides less noise eliminates mixing gas and oil   and has zero emissions well it gets the nod in 
our book constructed from magnesium the screed   is both rigid and lightweight the double triangle 
design helps transmit consistent vibrations across   the entire length of the bar because it uses a 
clamp-on design milwaukee's screed bar lets users   quickly attach the bar at any point on the machine 
and because of that design milwaukee's made it so   that this vibratory screed can run two motors on 
a single long bar for increased mobility each of   those is available separately finally milwaukee 
integrated one key technology into the system   so you can track manage and secure the screed by 
locking it remotely if it's ever lost or stolen   milwaukee is planning to ship this screen 
in quarter one of 2022 pricing is around   24.99 for the kit and that includes two compact 
cp203 batteries screen bars are sold separately   and we'll add pricing on those when we get it the 
second tool we're excited about is the milwaukee   m18 fuel concrete pencil vibrator it offers a 
compact solution as opposed to their existing mx   fuel backpack vibrator this should be especially 
helpful when working in tighter spaces where a   backpack might prove to be a little bit too bulky 
the new pencil vibrator generates up to 1.8 peak   horsepower which milwaukee claims delivers up to 
three times more power than comparable cordless   products and that means they plan to take on the 
makita 18 volt xrvo2 and the dewalt dc531 among   others the brushless motor on both the four foot 
2910 and the eight foot 2911 delivers continuous   maximum power with twelve thousand five hundred 
vibrations per minute this pencil vibrator uses   a one inch square head and lets users consolidate 
up to twenty cubic yards of concrete per charge   when you're using a high output six amp hour 
battery pack that equates to around a six inch   slab that measures 30 by 35 feet in size or if you 
want to think of it this way 10 light pole bases   milwaukee should have this tool ready early in 
2022 and pricing ranges from 399 for the 4 foot   model and that's 529 for the kit and 449 for the 
8 foot model or 579 for that kit check back in   with us every thursday and saturday as we post 
new tool reviews and head-to-head comparisons of   the latest and greatest products also be sure 
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