2 NEW Milwaukee Automotive Tools For Ultimate Detailing

milwaukee tool now has two full-size m18 fuel 
random orbital polishers in 15 millimeter and 21   millimeter configurations they're sufficient for 
both polishing and heavy correction applications   both the 15 and 21 millimeter random orbit 
polishers clearly focus on both power and   ergonomics two characteristics that are pretty 
critical for automotive detailers ergonomics   really plays a huge role with these new tools 
since detailers can spend hours per day holding   a polisher in their hands we've got to say both of 
these milwaukee orbitals look really well balanced   and they have a nicely designed front and rear 
grip walkie two also claims low vibration and   noise the backing plate on each tool is designed 
to stay cool even with all-day heavy-duty use   and this is going to help minimize the risk 
of surface or paint damage due to heat buildup   milwaukee also turned the battery 90 degrees 
giving the tools two inches of clearance between   it and the work surface that's going to help keep 
you from inadvertently bumping the battery into   the vehicle while you polish it's great when you 
can ditch the cord but no one wants to substitute   one problem for another both polishers were 
designed with a variable speed trigger plus   an eight position speed dial between that and the 
lock on button you get a ton of control when using   these polishers in a variety of applications from 
removing scratches to finishing work when paired   with a high output xc 6.0 m18 red lithium battery 
milwaukee's saying you can expect to get up to 53   minutes of polishing or as much as 20 minutes 
of heavier use when removing scratches while   you can get longer runtime with a larger battery 
pairing these tools with an xc 6.0 delivers better   balance and material clearance than if you used 
a larger pack look for the new milwaukee m18 fuel   random orbit polishers to hit shelves in april 
of 2022.

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the five inch model retails for 529   as a kit while the six inch polisher comes in 
around 559. if you have any questions about the   m18 polishers please leave those in the comments 
section below if you want to know more there's   a link to the article in the description 
below and as always thanks for watching.

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