NEW M18 FUEL Jigsaw (D Handle) Milwaukee – M18FJS-0

check out this brand-new m18 fuel D handle
jigsaw from Milwaukee straight out of the box you feel that rubber grip feels
great in your hand combined with the variable speed on the trigger you feel like you have a lot of control while cutting standard t shank blades snap in really
quickly and the jigsaw pumps that blade at 3,500 strokes per minute the orbital
action control has four settings the smoother you want the finish of your cut
or the harder material you're cutting the closer you want that set to zero the
shoe bevels to 45 in both directions with the quick lock off lever it's also
worth noting the saw quick snaps at positive stops at zero 15 30 and 45
degrees saw comes with a nonstick cover to protect the finish of the
material you're cutting this saw also comes with a blower that can be switched on and off
switch that blow it off whenever using the jigsaw in conjunction with external
dust extraction and the poor force of dust extractor is included with the kit
if you have any questions at all about the m18 fuel D hurdle jigsaw from Milwaukee
hit me up in that comment section below and until next time I'm Tim you're
watching Sydney Tools TV

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