HVAC Guys I Respect

There are a few HVAC YouTubers that I respect.
#hvac #hvactechnician

HVAC guy I can't remember where he's from But he reminds me a little bit like when I watch his videos he reminds me of Chuck a little bit so by default he has A great deal of respect because I Respect Chuck a whole lot I think Chuck Is one of the finest HVAC technicians That no one knows about And uh I'm talking about Chuck Pierce Comfort plus I mean there's a lot of big Channels out there I put a lot of polls Up on YouTube because I was curious Sometimes people would vote I'm like What and then sometimes people vote and Be like oh yeah sometimes be like what Sometimes oh yeah a NorCal did really Good everybody loves norca I like NorCal Too because NorCal is in that same Category as Chuck see Chuck is like he's A genuine guy who just works he films Some videos now he doesn't film anymore He still works I still talk to Chuck he Still works he does the same job he does Probably more jobs than most of us do He's like a jack of all trades

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