Dealing with HVAC Home Warranty Customers

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When you go into a home warranty Situation now every you like everybody Has a different type of policy they have A different uh deductible that they pay For different things how educated do you Get about their policy before you step In the door I mean do you know Everything about do you have to talk to Them basically about this is what this Might cost to kind of prepare them for What they've chosen basically not Necessarily because see like I use a Dispatch program it's called dispatch me It's it's a very simple and easy program To use I mean it's it's everything's on My phone now which is it's fantastic What is the name of it again dispatch me Dispatch me okay yeah and um because It's actually like 210 and American Home Shield both use it so like they send Their calls directly to this program and Like so like I don't have to input Anything all the homeowners information Their entire contract stuff's there it's It's it's so fantastic I mean it's the It it made a lifesaver for me a couple Years ago when they finally created it And um but I mean most time I go in there and Um I know what will be covered well I Mean you know because like I said most Time we're going in the goal is to fix It so and so if it comes down to comes Down to a replacement you know I always

Give a homeowner heads up before I leave The house I always say hey there's a Chance you may have some out of pockets You know non-coverage is what they call It because there's things that you know They'll cover and then they won't cover And like when I say want coverage They'll be like permits pads just just Stuff for when it comes to a replacement System Um drain pans and um so I have flat Charges that I do for all this stuff and You know and I always tell them Beforehand I say hey look you know There's a chance you may have some Out-of-pocket non-coverage I don't know If you will or not but somebody will Notify you you know one way or the other And then once you approve it because They have to approve it before the Equipment will be ordered from the Warrant because the warranty company Orders the equipment and everything too So I don't have to pay for that so Which saves me a ton of money which is Great so the chat was speculating and It's it seems like something I've run Into in the past before so when they Order the equipment is it Goodman or Pain or a combination it's Goodman H Goodman pain or Lennox for the most part And I know you talk bad about Goodman All the time I don't see it I mean I know those older

Units they're when you take the top off It's a pain in the butt to get the but Yeah I mean I saw Goodman equipment all The time and I never had problems with Them and I honestly think it's a matter Of doing the install correctly is what It breaks away so I didn't install it Correctly no no It's possible I don't read the manuals That's the first thing it goes in the Driver's seat and I just handed the Homeowner when I'm done Thank you [Music]

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