Carrier is the Best HVAC Unit

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So let's go over to one more news story One more news story and then we'll maybe We'll do something fun do some fun stuff Let's see what we got here all right so I know you guys are like this here we Are in refrigeration industry they email Me every day so I should get something Out of it carrier name to best HVAC Company by U.S news and world report for Second consecutive year hey Ted what do You feel about that I mean just put it Out there Carrier and then second place was Actually Brian which is just carrier so They're saying as the president of blue One is a sponsor blue I was a sponsor of This show actually Uh I don't know if he's talking to me or Not But wu-on was a sponsor of this show and Blue one abruptly left unexpectedly one Day it's like we have to move on Sometimes sponsors do that that doesn't Mean anything bad I mean sometimes it's Like yeah we're gonna do something else Now Okay I'm glad my family's not depending on This blue one thanks I appreciate it and Away we go one of the sponsors I'm not Gonna name any names actually drop the Show right after my house burned down I was like come on guys really can't you Just wait a month so it seems less

Do chatron you know what I'm saying Dushablia duchitropism I don't know I'm Not going to mention their names well I'll never say that about AMP probe Let's uh carrier To have the most technologically Advanced Innovative reliable and high Quality products which are also the most Energy efficient and quiet wow carry Units really are the best in addition The number of products and options Carrier offers was viewed as a Differentiator Wow Wow well I I guess Ted says they're Rated the best with no available Equipment I you know what that means no Failures I mean I guess it's no failures Josh F says it's opposite day I guess so I I wasn't expecting this Let's see what carrier had to say about This it was like obviously This recognition underscores our Commitment to delivering HVAC systems That are smarter more efficient and more Cost effective that means cheap Said Justin keppy president National residential and Light Commercial I guess that's what it means HVAC carrier we are innovating to Provide our customers with what they Need to create healthier homes and Reduce energy bills Wow

That's that's really great Ted I mean You got it all wrong here you should be Putting in one of these green speeds Forget about those training things with All the different they got too many Wires Ted come on put in some green Speeds carrier manufacturers installs a Full range of products to address Homeowners Comfort health and budgets This includes air conditioners blah blah Blah U.S news evaluated HVAC companies Based on system cost unique warranty Features wow what's a unique warranty Feature No it's not the carrier website I mean It seems like it but this is on the Refrigeration industry Okay hey man I guess carry a game of 20. In between you know whatever I don't Know they got bribed or something guys This is obviously bribery Ride by carrier absolutely survey done By Brian Orr Hey Brian Orr Joe Shearer Brian Orr is upstanding individual and I Will not have you defame in him in any Way Justin Bieber says more cost effective For them or the customer I I guess Here's my theory on air conditioners Air conditioners modern air conditioners Are made With as many bells and whistles as

Possible They charge you the minimum amount they Can while making a certain profit and They build it as cheaply as they can to Get away with that That's why modern air conditioners are Super bad they're super bad and you Should not buy one you should go back in Time and buy one buy a better one By a janitrol We make fun of them but they lasted for Years Some of those janitrols out there They lasted a long time guys I know that Because I've changed them out and They're rusted so badly the compressor Falls out the bottom when you lift them Up That must be a good unit right there Okay well well let's put it in the chat Right now I'll put up a poll real quick Let's start a poll here uh I'm just Going to type best unit And I'm going to put train or tranier Because they're French And then of course carriers as well as Pronounced carrier And let's put Rheem and who else we got Here there's no one else I'll put Goodman just so it'll be fun And let me ask my community that's what It says you guys are the community by The way I'm gonna ask you guys we'll go And put it up on the screen too and put

Our uh let's see put our chat up so we Can see it That's the poll right there go ahead and Vote on the poll I'm just curious here There is a 93 range still running at our Church hey that's what I'm saying I mean setting aside has probably been Prayed over a few times please don't go Please no just not Not the refrigerant It probably works Let's see John says Rheem Rudder using LG compressors now an LG compressors They're not the best guys See young York all right we're trying to Take this seriously see young all right If we put York up there we're just Wasting a spot I'm just kidding I'm kidding I just make Fun of York all my York's of League Refrigerant We have modern AC units are designed With a number of Cycles before they Start failing just like a washer and Dryer planned obsolescence that's the Name of the game right there What does that mean it's not supposed to Last forever It's supposed to last a certain period Of time until it is cost effective for That company to be able to sell you Another one so how long do they last you You know 10 years 15 years people are trying to

Sell you more after 10 years Man your granddad would have hated that You know you think about your granddad His air conditioner if he even had one Talk about Comfort we could talk about That for a second Let's see let's look at our thing here We have best unit right now trains Winning so Ted was right it turns out It's not carrier when you ask actual HVAC guys there's a difference All right who put Goodman he's just I Don't know what the problem is here but We're just trying to goof around I guess So let me tell you something I watched a Video today from a guy named Matt Reislinger I think he's like a home Builder And he was sitting up in an attic of a House he was building a well-insulated House and there was an air handler up There so he's got a heat pump he's got a Dehumidifier And then there's a Erv So has all the stuff here there was an Outside air It looks like it was separate I think it Was makeup air is what he said it was Actually so he has all these different Devices up there To make sure the house is comfortable Two things are we pansies now are we all Pansies that if our houses are slightly

Uncomfortable we die inside now I'm sure There's a certain amount of comfort and Conditioning that is necessary Especially for some of the products in The house But I'm just saying it seems like we're All pansies now Because like my grandmother's house Didn't even have an air conditioner now It was up in New York but I mean it gets Hot in New York during the summer time It's just kind of weird here and if you Add up the cost of all that stuff that He was showing it's so high I mean might As well go Joe Shearer on it and I agree Because we discussed this in the past Single stage unit with a dehumidifier Why you need a multi-stage unit unless You're zoning or something And let's see Savage bro man I don't Know if I was a Savage one or someone in The chat was but if it was me thank you I appreciate that Joe Shearer says lots of companies have Stainless I don't even know what they're Talking about stainless You're talking about Nordyne Nordyne Unit stainless I'm just saying let's Let's open it up here Train's still Ahead we have 23 votes if you haven't Voted on the poll please take a minute And vote so we get a a proper dichotomy Of the HVAC men and women out there or Men and additional men because I don't

See any women here Daikin is a good man and they aren't the Only stainless this diet can actually Make stainless units are they stainless On the outside I mean oh staying are we talking about Heat exchangers If we're talking about heat exchangers And Amanda is definitely stainless steel As I recall Goodman you have uh what's It aluminized steel I think is what the Heat exchangers are a man is a stainless Steel I don't know if you put it in crappy Don't matter so I'm going to close out The poll here best unit train wins Obviously everyone knew it was going to Be trained uh Ted has all these extra Accounts he votes with so we knew it was Going to be trained the fact that Goodman has 19 makes me doubt you guys As technicians I think some of you may Not be technicians Uh Joe Shearer says I think Goodman has The best package unit available well let Me tell you the reason why Joe Shear Says that is because the orientation of The coil and the heat exchanger probably Which is a really good design for not Causing issues in a heat exchanger That's what I believe I think that me And Joe are on the same page about this Joe if that's the case please say so Because the way it's done you have heat

Exchangers that come after coils and Heat exchangers that go before coils and Whenever you uh It looks like a tie it's it became a tie At the last minute so try and Carry Your Tide but I think some I think somebody Was you know I gotta check the voting Machines guys uh our voting machines are Uh Dominion so I don't know if I don't Know I don't know what's going on

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