Trane Tech Support Refused to Help Chris

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So we left off with your Monumental Warranty work we were talking about Goodman so you're not you don't have Like a brand that you sell because you Work with them so much that they Supply Them do you have a brand that you sell In other other cases I mean if I run Into where you know friends and family Or neighbors or whatever you know they Want to quote on something I mean I give Them options I mean I I I'll quote Equipment all day long I I like living Equipment I mean I know people trash it And and but I mean I would never I would Never do that Well you get it's buy one get one free So you might as well buy one I mean my Thing I hate absolutely hate 2019 degree I hate communicating equipment I can't Stand it I hate it I mean like Especially like I got I ran into one the Other day as a Bryant Evolution and it Had like the same board that's in a Boxing with that giant never like with You know there's no contact or no Nothing you know everything's on the end And I mean it was flashing some code and The code isn't on the inside of the door Like it should be so you have to sit on Hold and wait for tech support and then Tech support is like oh it could be this And when I say could be he said it could Be the control board which cost twenty Five hundred dollars and I'm like no no

Not doing it because is that for real is It did you get that number for real yes Yes 2500 for a control board I said Absolutely not I'll replace this unit All over doing that that's exactly what I'm doing in fact equipment is being Shipped to me on Monday That's crazy now do you think it's Because that you're like you're not one Of their are you one of their customers Whatever With with Bryant Carrier Infinity Whatever you have to take a training Class Uh to even be able to purchase sell Whatever even get help on it and so I Took that training class like five six Years ago and it's not even a technical Track technical class which is what I Was very frustrated about it's more of a Sales class and I'm like And you have to pay to take this class Too which I was very frustrated about And I mean it might have been worth it If it was at a decent restaurant it was At a very crappy barbecue restaurant so That was the other thing I was Frustrated about I was like well maybe I Can at least get the free decent lunch Out of it but no it was terrible food And I said it was more of a sales class Than a technical you know this is if you Run into this this is what it could be Whatever and

I just Um I don't know like I said it just it it Frustrates me anytime like I ran into a Trained one that was you know I I don't Like training equipment I'll say it all Day long I know man I piss all these People off I don't care and you know I Mean I'd rather be able to fix something and If I can fix it and not have to pay a Ridiculous amount of money to try and Fix it I mean you know train equipment All their parts must be laced with gold Because like everything costs a Ridiculous amount of money I mean and You know those big orange compressors Weigh 100 freaking pounds I mean you Break your back trying to get them out Of the unit to change it and To where I you know so what a practical Look at the equipment I mean that's it Doesn't you don't get that very often is What I've noticed when you have Conversations like when I talk to people You don't you don't get a lot of the Practical stuff you get it from techs So you end up sounding more like a tech Than a owner when an owner talks they Talk about the intangible things like Here's what we do it's our service but When you talk to a tech you get hey this Compressor you know weighs more than my Car you know you get stuff like that so

That's the thing I do literally Everything I take the phone calls I Schedule the stuff I run service calls I Help replace equipment I replace I I do Everything my wife is he does all the Billing and stuff she takes care of that But everything else I do it my phone is Ringing all day long and I mean I'm Answering calls I'm scheduling stuff I Just I do all of it and but anyway back To the training thing I ran into one one Time I don't know it was like 18 Sierra Trading something and had some weird Board on it had never seen before I Called train tech support first question The guy asked me is have I taken the Train the training class for this and I'm like no and he's like well I can't Help you and I'm like you can't help me To try and get this homeowner cooling When it's 100 degrees outside and he's Like no so I was like all right so I Told the homeowners like I haven't had Training on this unit I said tech Support won't help me you need to find Someone else that can do it And I don't know that that just Rose me The wrong way if somebody can't help you To try and get Somebody's unit to where they're Comfortable and not gonna practically Die because this gets so hot here And so I mean stuff like that just it Just runs me the wrong way and I just I

I won't I'll fix trade equipment but I Will never install a train yet won't do It that's a shame because so often it's Hard it's hard to call tech support Because then you have to go through Whatever wait time there is if it's Someone you're not familiar with uh just Like the Personnel or if you call local Personnel or whether it's some Broad Tech support line it's it's almost like Pulling teeth and then when you get Through they say they won't help you Why would they not help you when it's Going to improve how people look at Their machine yeah and how people enjoy The rest of their day for sure why would They not assist you in any way they can It's not like you're not licensed like As much licensure as a technician has I Mean which is EPA license as far as I Know is all we have here uh but what What is the motivation just to create That separation between train and Everybody else on Earth I guess I mean I Don't know and then you know then the Homeowner gets mad at me because I Haven't taken the training class for Something I've never seen or even new Existed and I can't fix it because the Tech support guy won't help me I'm like It's out of my hands I mean so Yeah it's it has to say I mean I don't Know what it is I like I said I've Gotten tech support for every other

Brand of equipment out there and train Is the only one I don't know what it is And I'm sure Mr I don't remember what Ted cook you know I'm sure I know he Loves train equipment he talks about all The time I've heard him say something Nice about it a time or two I know But I mean I don't know it's just when I Get told no for something that Is their brand of equipment and I don't Know that just that just rubs me the Wrong way I mean Well have you had to fix the equivalent Type of machine from any other brands Like have you gone in with like there's A carrier uh variable speed you know Like a green speed or something or just Something like that have you had to do The same activity for a different brand Yeah it had a different result yeah I've Had to do it and tech support walked me Through what I need to check tell me What I need to do to fix it and you know Tell me if there's a way to bypass it to Get them comfortable temporarily I mean If not then I order the part I fix it And be done with it but you know Like I said train is the only one I've Ever been told no just just out right Now wow When I was told that I was like wow I Was like okay I don't know maybe I don't know I don't Know what deal it's like they think

People are stupid or something I don't Know what to do there's like all these Other brands told you how to do it and I'm guessing you did it and it worked Yeah okay well that seems pretty simple To me I don't know just that seems kind Of dumb but I mean it is what it is I Always say the trains part of the Illuminati anyway and uh we can't touch Them and if you ever watch animal house Uh which is a great movie it's a Documentary about train dealer uh dealer Training uh and Kevin Bacon is a train Dealer that's being trained so when you Go watch it you'll be able to see that Foreign [Music]

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