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Subscribe Forever Tech YouTube channel to get latest videos updates This is Singer Dc Inverter Ac Which is working on 16 temperature As you can see on display that on Singer Dc Inverter E8 error is showing So what does it mean ? And why it comes ? So let me tell you in full detail It is related to Outdoor So we will take you towards Outdoor And there we will tell you complete detail We have come towards Outdoor We will take out its cover and will give you its complete detail As you can see this is its Outdoor Model No And this is its Indoor Model No See , we have open Outdoor cover When ever E8 error will come So it means that unit Discharge Pipe Sensor is faulted cause of any reason Its short circuited or open You can see this single wire This is its Discharge Pipe Sensor See , I have take it out It is fit in connector If this wire get cut or break so then also it will give E8 error If it will get short circuit so then also it will give E8 error Except it , we also tell you this what can be the problem in circuit So we will open the whole circuit And we will give you its complete demonstration That what can be its reason To show you we have remove PCB from the unit See , Discharge Pipe Sensor is install in unit something like this See ,this pipe coming out of the compressor So with it Discharge Pipe Sensor is fit So you can easily check it If it will fall down from its place so then also it will give E8 error So whenever you work on it so first of all check it So that you can easily check the unit And you can fix up the problem See we have take out the PCB from Outdoor unit We will tell you what can be the fault in PCB When E8 error comes so what can be its problem So let you tell in full detail See its single connector ….

Connector No. CN2 OHT is written on it Let me straighten it out … See OHT Connector 2 is for Discharge Pipe Sensor it So let me tell you what we have to do in it So you have to set all this setup Take multimeter and set it on Dc voltage Set jumpers with Discharge Pipe Sensor And attach them with multimeter probs So that we can check voltages Fit reactor with it We have already made a video on reactor First watch this video so that you can understand about the reactor After setting i …..

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Give electric to unit See , now I will give electric See , I passed the electric 3.3 volts should come in PCB If 3.3 volts are coming so it means your PCB is alright It is perfoming its work … it is passing electric Except it , your sensor is faulted So you will change the sensor And further we will tell you sensor value When you will change sensor , your unit will get alright And will come back in its working condition So let me tell you sensor value We will tell you Discharge Pipe Sensor resistance value So you have have room temperature on 25 degree And should you have a multimeter 25 degree is not important but companies recommend to check resistance value on 25 degree You can check on another degree its not a such issue We have already made a video on sensor …. how to test sensor ….. if you have not watched so must watch this video And now I will tell you what shoukd be its value on 25 degree Which will be the correct value See we checked it …….. and it is showing 20.35 kilo ohms And Discharge Pipe Sensor value should be this If room temperature is 25 and your value is 20.35 kilo ohms so it means your sensor is alright Its not having any problem You can fit new sensor of this value Friends , I hope you liked today's video And will come in work for you So will meet in the next informative video So keep watching Forever Tech

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