Why I Hate HVAC Sales So Much

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Okay so this is what something I wanted To talk about and I haven't fitted in on The show so I wanted to make a specific Video just for this particular instance And I talked about this about a million Times but I think I want to illustrate Clearly Why it is and I keep saying that I hate HVAC sales and it comes down to one Video which I'm not going to mention a Particular video and one series of Training I guess let's call it training Where the guy comes in and you have a Situation called the intention statement The intention statement is a sales Bullcrap attention statement where you Go in there and you lay out your plan And then you say to them is there any Reason why if you trust me and feel Comfortable you couldn't purchase this System today And then the people say no of course They would do it if they felt Comfortable and they trusted them and Everything like that so you set it up so And this is a psychological manipulation In my opinion and people disagree with Me on that but you know whatever that's Fine like I care I don't care I don't Mean that to sound coarse but I really Don't When they get to this whole sales Process they look at the people and say All right well seeing what I've laid out

For you today do you feel like we can go Ahead and sign the agreement and make The deal today and the people are like Well we have a couple more meetings to Go and blah blah blah blah and then the Guy says well I thought that at the Beginning you know he just brings it up And his Suave salesman-like way that he Brought it up man you know I thought if You were comfortable and you trusted me That we could do this today do you trust Me and then you get into a position Where it's called a moral dilemma where If you decide not to buy something you Go against what you've said and it Creates a Feeling inside of you that you've done Something dishonest or immoral so in Avoiding that feeling occurring you have To agree to buy this guy's product and That is the price you pay for not having That feeling So in my opinion it's a manipulation of People in order to urge them to do Something which they may not do if they Didn't have that feeling inside of them Implanted by the salesman That's why I don't like sales that's the Kind of cells I don't like I don't like People who go in there and then Manipulate people I've never liked that I've never liked When people pressure me in those Situations like these Car Guys and stuff

When you get out the car dealership and The car guys start running towards your Car before you even get out of the car All the way I hate that I don't want to buy from People like that and it makes me sick to Be around it I'm not trying to insult Any particular person I'm just telling You guys I don't like it I don't think That's a moral thing to do to people I Don't think to manipulate them and set Them up so that they will buy your Product to avoid this feeling I don't think that's the way you're Supposed to do stuff And if that's being a Salesman then the Heck with that I don't care nothing About being a Salesman That's all I wanted to say You guys have a nice day [Music]

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