Can ANTI DIY HVAC Fix Every System Same Day??

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I have a I have several uh really great Things that people wrote that I don't Know the answer to that I thought would Be great to pose to you guys because Then I can write them back later as if I Had answered it so uh Lori Yeah That's uh well hey we can hey we can Definitely do that all right All right Joe I'm just kidding let me do That that's that's too much on the spot Well I had the question right here Because we would have covered them up Anyway this is already RJ oh no RJ so we Know it's gonna be intelligent hard Questions Well I know two things when I see RJ Coming I know it's gonna be smart and I Know I'm gonna be wrong about something So let's find out what I was wrong about On this episode so three days ago RJ Says there is a way to service complex Machines and get them back running right Away that's the part where I disagree Boeing does it Toyota does it Ted does It that's why I selected this question Because you were involved You work on the best you know your Product you limit the equipment you work On and you stock the parts he really Likes you even the complex Parts which Are like double pole contighters you get Paid well the equipment is as reliable As any you have customers who are happy

In your machines are running quickly When they do fail it's much better than Working with the devil which goes off The video title it's just not random he Said devil even if you know him So Ted is that true can you get any one Of your machines up the same day if it Fails the ones that I you mean the Trains that I installed yes absolutely No matter what the part uh well I mean If you run over it with your tractor I'm probably not going to be able to fix That or if it is a like I have Um rip I have all compressors all Motors You know all boards oh that's nice yeah Every inverter board you could ever need Do what You have every inverter board you could Ever leave absolutely stop yep drives And everything Yep for every single one Every single one Joe you were in the shop for one thing Did you see them yeah I don't know he Wouldn't show me that you went in the Basement and you went to one of my other Yo man you're such a Drive And there's one you don't drive five Tons 18 and 20 series 18 19 and 20. one drop What is that program differently Correct there's a personality module Looks a lot like a little USB plug-in That has to take that off the old one

And plug it on the new one absolutely Yeah that was corrupted what if that was Corrupted do you have that then you have To have the machine to program it with That I have and don't know how to work Okay but it's possible because you do Have it oh yeah but I don't know how to Work it I mean I've had to use it one Time since 2012 2013. And uh the guy my buddy from Lawrence That's an FSR had to actually get on the Phone with me and hold my hand and get Me to use it that one time But I can take one and wipe it and Reprogram it And I think that's pretty good that's Not a corrupt one but you know an unused One or whatever but but he's right the There is a you know So what what decides for the drive you Know what stores the tonnage and the Model and the serial number and all that Is a little USB thumb drive looking Thing that plugs on the board And they have them zip tied to the Wiring harness or or a little bracket Inside the unit so that you don't take It off with the drive and throw it away And then you get your new drive and put It on and say hey I'm missing something So we have those on several of the Boards the furnace boards Not the air handlers the furnace boards The outdoor unit drives and we call them

Personality modules I like that I know a lot of people who Are missing those and we have the yeah I Mean or I know some people that are Corrupt as well but oh yeah I got a Virus I do have everything that would now the Units I sell now I don't sell The so-called Two-stage unloading compressors because They're such junk so I've maybe got one Or two of those in stock just because They were you know I happen to get them In a scratch and dent forklifted unit or Something but as far as stock goes for The stuff that I actually sell I've got every I actually have the whole Every blower housing where I can just Plug and Play Warranty work I take very seriously And to me it's amazing that you have all That stuff I would and it's not that I Don't believe you I would love to see Where you keep it just to see that area Of your shop and see all that crap Everywhere there's a couple of Facilities and it's very organized and There's walls of shelving with all of The blowers I mean all the Tams the Timbs uh there's some Legacy stuff there I even have some even package unit Blowers all of them I've probably got I don't know Um Joe will stop me if I exaggerate so

I'll probably say 60 or so blowers maybe 65 complete blower assemblies I've probably got another 30 Motors that Are in boxes And then I've got probably Close to about maybe 75 or 80 Um scratch and dent as is units that I Buy and ride around all the warehouses And buy them up So Evaporator coil let's just go all the Way if you have evaporator coils no no Condenser coils no I I have a few of the Popular but like we're talking about Every part no I don't have every part For evaporator coils That's pretty good but you got leak stop Absolutely not it's not allowed anywhere Nearing my shop and will never be used Fantastic [Music]

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