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I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching your own YouTube channel Forever Tech Today we will talk about Samsung one more error code See Smart Wi-Fi And Smart Inverter Is present in it And today we will give its error code complete detail Now see error code is showing on the display So see its E101 So error code is showing on the display Now we will give its complete detail This error code can be of Indoor or Outoor So let's give you its complete detail That what can be the fault in Indoor and Outdoor Friends first of all I will tell you when Outdoor will have problem So which things can be damage in it And which things are important to check So that E101 error should be remove from the display And bring back the unit in working condition When its Outdoor PCB doesn't works at all So then it will show E101 error code And if PCB is totallly dead So its situation will be different We will tell you further in the video But if PCB is working See here light is blinking We will tell you that how will you check in Outdoor PCB that E101 error code is coming When you will check fault in Outdoor So first of all you have to check the light See the green light is blinking here It means this Outdoor is functional Its switching etc is alright Despite it there is an error code showing on the display So let me show you lights on the other side See when we came on the other side of the unit When we will give electric to the unit So this red color light on the PCB It will remain continuously on And when it will remain continuously on So it means this error is giving E101 error code So easily you can knew it from the Outdoor PCB Now we have take out the PCB from the unit And we will tell you which things are faulted in Outdoor PCB So this error code can come So now before repairing the PCB I do the same I use do its physical test How to do physical test You will see by the eyes that if you see any damage part If any part is spoil or any part is burn So this is very easy work That you can repair PCB very easily After this if any physical thing is not damage So first of all check its fuse When you will check fuse If continuity is present So it means some other thing is damage If just contiuity is not present here So we will get its solution very quickly And PCB will get repair So the next thing can be damage in it And its chances are very much of getting damaged That is its SMPS circuit When in SMPS circuit its switching IC See its no.Top253PN If it get damage cause of any reason so it can do problem This resistance can be faulted Diode can be faulted Normally its optocoupler can be faulted Except it , reference IC is attach here it can also be faulty And chances of chopper burning is present And how to repair chopper? We had already made a video on it If you haven't seen it so must watch it So then you will be able to repair chopper So just because of chopper don't throw the whole PCB Its more better to repair the chopper Except it , what more things can be damaged in it if any capacitor among these gets damaged So still the pcb will not work And this E101 error code will show on the display it can have one more problem as well That problem is of PTC sensor If PTC sensor is totally damage And is not working So your whole PCB will not turn on If it will not turn on so this error will be displayed So Check the PTC sensor And on PTC sensor already our video is present on it So must watch it So then you can properly solve it So if you will change it there are chances that your PCB get alright Except it , this PCB here Here it has a double IPM But this one is not IPM We have already made a video on it We have already release two videos So you can check those videos If you haven't seen it yet so watch it So you will better understand it If this PFC booster get damaged the PCB will not Operate And unit will show the error E101 Except it , if its micro controller doesn't work Then also its possible If its IPM gets faulted So it is possible that it will get dead It will not perform any function because of short circuit So this PCB will not turn on So these all things are needed to check See here over voltages rseistance is fit It also get damage cause of any reason If it doesn't work so then unit can give you E101 error So like this check all these things in outdoor So I hope like this you will repair the unit See these wires are of Serial Communication Wire See these are attach with connector F1 and F2 This whole is Serial Communication Circuit If here will be the fault So here problem will come And it will show E101 errror on the display If in its wiring will be fault So then also it can give you error We have already made video on wiring If you haven't watched that video so must watch it After this then repair this error So you can better understand Except it , if in connections will be the fault Or in wire will be the fault So then this error code can show As you attach line on neutral and neutral on line So it will get wrong In place of F1 you brought F2 from indoor And F2 wire you join with F1 wire with outdoor So then also it will get wrong If any wire will get in cross So this error code can show If any loose connection is here So this can also give problem Except it , If wire get burn It get disconnect and burn So then also it do problem So like this you can check the error code And easily you can solve it If wires are having problem So check it Check its continuity Sometimes it happen that continuity is alright So in this case you have to completely change the wire And check it If unit get alright then wires are faulted So replace the wires And install new wires in it Like this your unit will get alright Now friends , I will tell you what can be the fault in Indoor Before telling you the fault in Indoor ….

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Let me tell you the error code name So this is Serial Communication Error When this E101 error comes on Samsung Dc Inverter Ac So it called Serial Communication Error What is Serial Communication ? Already video is present on it If you will watch Serial Communication video So you can better understand That how can you solve this error If we talk about its Indoor PCB What can be the fault in Indoor PCB Because PCB will work So it will show error in this case when it is working When it is working so what can be the fault in it This PCB communication circuit will be faulted When communication circuit will be faulted So it will not work And it will not communicate with Outdoor So when it will not communicate so it will give you E101 error

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