Dc inverter air conditioner mistakes to prevent in wiring connections while installation part 1

Subscribe Forever Tech YouTube channel to get latest videos updates Assalam-u-alakum Friends ! I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching our YouTube channel Forever Tech In today's video we will talk about on electric That how you have to do connections in Dc Inverter Ac And How to install electric So this is normal But my some friends make a mistake in it Because of which Dc Inverter get faulted very soon And often times it become a headache So to avoid the same thing So electric wiring and electric supply So when you will pass it so do it very carefully So you have to do it in very responsibility So I have bring this video in full detail Watch full video I have explain each and every point in detail We will make its next part which will , What is Serial Communication Error? So also must watch that video You will get on Dc Inverter electric system very best information Friends today I will not say to Subscribe my channel Or to press bell icon If you liked the video so its up to you you want to Subscribe or not So let's start the video We have come towards the unit Here we will give you full demonstration And we will tell you that this unit supply will go from indoor to outdoor First of all I will give you demonstration on indoor to outdoor supply And I will tell you how to do connection of electric Which minimizes faults in the unit And don't come too soon If you do proper connections So its life increases And fault chances minimizes So let me tell you that when supply goes from indoor to outdoor So how will you do its connection Friends let me tell you that from where you have to start its electric So this also depend on you That you will take start from indoor or outdoor This also depends on you But the best way is this that start from the indoor If its electric is from indoor For example if it is going from indoor to outdoor Take start from the indoor it will be the best way First of take out the cover We have open the cover It will difficult to give demonstration like this So we will take out its cover See we have take the cover of indoor unit So that we can show you easily That how will you do connections When you will take out the cover Or you can do connections with cover Its not such difficult You can always see connectors on the right side See connectors are something like this You can see the black color connector Every brand and unit can have some difference I will show you some companies unit See its L , N and then in its center is earthing sign and here it is S So every company can have difference So I will show you other companies model That how are there connectors So this is Pel Dc Inverter Ac , So it is something like this And I will show you of other brands too So first of all you have to see these points that What's up here? L means line So here electric comes which is phase Neutral means natural wire And earthing wire will come S means we can say it signal We can call it in different names But according to me it is used for signals But you can give it some other name After this it comes its proper connections In proper connections wire comes with color coding Every one has its different color Which color coding wire you will install here In indoor unit for connections So same wire you have to use in outdoor We have fit red in line Means we have tight it with it In neutral we have fit white wire In earthing we have use yellow and green In signal we have fit black wire Which is also known as communication wire You can also call it communication wire Here we have install it like this When you will go towards outdoor so here also wiring should be same Because you will get same connector in outdoor So let me show you So this is our outdoor In outdoor connections are something like this See what's written here 1(L) 2(N) 4(S) These are same connections , just 1 , 2 and 4 are increase in it So it is having same meaning You have to keep remember that which color code you have give it in indoor In indoor we have fit red In N we have use white wire in indoor Here also we have fit white In 4(S) means in communication wire we used black in indoor In outdoor also we have use black wire Earthing wire can be in body and can be in connector So you will fit it in direct body Because in it , it is direct so I have fit here direct So this is color coding or wire connecting method Now we will tell you its tricky part Which prolong its life and and give instruction to unit to work properly If you fail to install electric Your unit will get faulty soon It can happen that it work for some time After sometime problems will start in it So see carefully demonstration So that you can better understand it To see the tricky part ,Must watch the video 2nd part We have come towards O general Dc Inverter Outdoor unit Where you can see L , N and 1 2 3 Here main supply will come in L line phase On N will be neutral And here this supply will go towards indoor In indoor what will happen , In this 1 line will come And on 2 neutral will come And in 3 will be signal wire or communication wire It will be suggestion for you that in which models electric goes from outdoor to indoor So its start of wiring and electric installation Start its from outdoor And then install it in indoor Then you can install it properly This is O general Dc Inverter model Whose connectors you can see 1 2 3 And 4 is empty In 1 will be line , in 2 will be neutral , in 3 will be communication wire So just you have to take care of color coding From which you will get proper connections Friends I hope you liked today's video And you will take advantage from it And you will not forget to watch its 2nd part So will meet in the next video

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