How To Check Serial Communication in Dc Inverter Air Conditioners With Multi-Meter | Complete Test

Asalam-ul-alakum friends I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching my Youtube channel Forever TEch today we will talk about Dc inverter serial communication what is this?? will talk full detail on it and what is system in it?? and how it works? for this I will share an example!!! communication means source to talk to eachother if we are of one langauage and can understand eachother language so we can understand eachother what you speak then I can understand and what I speak you can understand this is called communication same as if our language is different we can't understand eachother and can't work with eachother same as in Dc inverters when companies make model in outdoor and indoor create communication system through which can understand eachother messages as indoor says to outdoor they do as and as outdoor says to indoor they do same and work together if both of them language is different so can't work with eachother some of my friends ask that of one company indoor can we attach to another
company outdoor purpose of which is that their languages are used not same there languages are different so can't work with eachother this difference sometimes come in company models if 1 ton or 1 and half ton model sometimes do not work with 2 ton or 1 and half ton doesn't work with 1 ton because in them communication source of language is different so can't work with each other so we will tell you in detail….what is communication and how it seems and with common tester you can test it its working or not we will give you complete demonstration and educate you what is serial communication?? I will not tell you to Subscribe and will not say to press bell icon if you liked the video must do it !!!!! now we came towards units and taught you practically that which language word I am using what is its meaning?? and how that language seems ans what is its work?? will tell you in complete detail see this is outdoor unit and this is indoor unit both are closed yet let me tell you..that in Dc inverter its voltages fluctuation is called communication when they are fluctuating voltages I will tell you practically see here is no voltage yet unit is off let me tell you its method how will you set it first of all I will tell you its meaning what does it means? first we will on unit wen we on the unit can see we have set it on dc voltage here voltages are running up down see unit is doing up down voltages so this fluctuation when comes in voltages this means that both unit indoor and outdoor talks when voltages goes up down so both are coded in this way when in seconds ans in nano seconds talking to each other fix voltages should come and can understand each other talk thats whats going in indoor and outdoor in dc inverter will call its language as we talk they also talk to each other by voltages up and down so friends now we will tell you that where you will set this multi meter proggs that you may get these voltages and you can know indoor and outdoor are communicating with each other properly we will off the unit and will teach you the method how you have to install in unit? in multi meter original proggs are like this..if you have to check something you not have to confuse in this we own self have attached clips to this as you can see this wire we will install in it so that easily we can attach clips to it and leave this black wire is common as you can see in meter black is common and red wire is positive line black common red positive common wire we will install in neutral wire before installation off electric so that prevent from damage first install black wire in neutral then signal wire 4(s) ..this is signal wire on line you will install nothing positive wire we will install in 4(s) our connection is completed now on the meter on dc voltage when you kept it on the unit then you will get fluctuation voltage..we have on the unit as we onned the unit the voltages are fluctuating as you can see increasing and decreasing we have on unit they are now talking to each other talking that now I am onned now you have to onn yourself they are now communicating with each other in Dc inverter this is called communication you can check in this way if your unit is faulty when you will install wires in indoor and outdoor…one thing both are one thing and you can see fluctuation on meter so this is alright! if it is totally closed then I will show you when fluctuation will not happen what will its condition? friends as you can see now dc is showing 300…something voltages this unit as you can see is not installed its electric is lying outside over here so that's why not showing something on meter as soon we will give electric supply we gave now electric supply see now its generating fix voltages as you can see 27 volts are generate but fluctuation is not happening this means our indoor has pick out voltages working on its process but our outdoor is not communicating with it because of it our voltages will be fix indoor and outdoor will not attach with it we have installed here wires as you can see on 4(S) red wire is installed and on neutral black wire is installed in this way installed in indoor and can check it like this when fix voltages will come this means indoor is working but outdoor is not communicating so friends as I told you before you can know communication through tester but is not possible in every brands and models only possible in those brand or models in which high dc voltages are generate as we are having model of O general it is possible in O general you can know from tester this is line side as you can see see when its working you can see light still on one place in neutral you can't see any light when you will keep it on communication wire you can see light fluctuating when its fluctuating and light is on this means your communication is working correct but if light is onn and not fluctuating this means its not communicating it is still so in this way you can find communication so friends hopefully you liked this video will be useful for you if you are working professionally or learning will be very helpfull for you told you before this system acts as backbone of dc inverter and whole system stands on it friends meet you in next video!

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