Yearly HVAC Maintenance Checks

– Hi, my name's Ray Pearson. I work for the Wm T. Spaeder company. I'm here today with a residential customer doing preventative maintenance
on their AC system. (upbeat music) Now I'm gonna take the panel off to look at the electronics to make sure that nothing's
in there like spiderwebs, chipmunks, mice. Make sure that the wiring is good. A lot of times they get
damaged by doing landscaping. I'm pulling the disconnect for safety. 'Cause I have my hands in here. I'm gonna check the contactor, make sure that they're not pitted, burnt. I'm gonna make sure that
all the wiring's safe and it's not going to burn up anything. Also checking the capacitor, making sure it's not leaking, rusty. Making sure water is not
getting into any electronics where it shouldn't be. Everything looks good. Just a little bit dusty and that's fine.

This is a refrigerant gauge. It tells me pressures and it'll tell me a lot of things. It'll tell me if it's low on refrigerant. If it's low on refrigerant, they could have a possible leak. It'll also tell me how
much is in the unit. It'll also tell me if the
coils are plugged or dirty, like the evaporator coil that's
in on top of the furnace. I set up my gauges just to get ready and to turn on the system. I looked at the unit. The unit is dirty, so my head pressure is going to be high. So, we're going to go in and
check the filter real quick. Make sure that the filter's good. Kind of do a quick
inspection of the furnace. And then I'm going to come up, turn on the AC at the thermostat and crank it way down so
I can get my testing done. And then I will do my final inspection on the furnace when I'm done. Basically, I'm just going
to pull the filter out check the filter, see how it's
been doing for six months.

This is a six month filter. Most filters, that are smaller, we recommend changing them every month or every three months,
depending on your home and if you have dogs, cats. Depends on your allergies too. I like changing the filter
before I do my testing, that way I know that it's not
going to affect my testing out onto my pressure side. (sound of AC unit running) Basically what I'm doing,
is I'm checking the manufacturer specifications
on their charging chart. Make sure that it matches what I'm doing and what I'm testing. They have a general rule but always go back to the manufacturer. Every system is different
from brand to brand. They're all going to run
a little bit different a little bit higher pressure,
a little bit lower pressure.

I found that this coil
is actually pretty dirty. As of right now, it's not
sending my pressures way high but it does affect what is
going on with my gauges. (sound of AC unit running) It's starting to stable out pretty well. The longer it runs. (sound of AC unit running) So, overall, this system
is running properly. It seems to be sized properly. It seems to be fit for the home. I hear no abnormal sounds, noises. I don't see anything
that's poking out at me that something's wrong with it. So while it's running, I'm listening for abnormal noises. I'm looking for water leaking because we're running the
AC right at the moment.

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I usually wipe it down just
to get acquainted to the unit just to find out what they
have, what's going on. Usually I find deficiencies
or anything wrong just by wiping it down
with a simple hand towel. I did find the door switch
right here, the bottom door. You see it actually shut off right there. This one's actually stripped, this screw. So I'm gonna take these screws out and I'm gonna re-drill new screws in, so that does not shut off.

I did find a little bit
of a condensation leak on the suction side of the line set there. I'll wrap it up with some cork tape so it won't leak on the floor anymore, damaging the floor. Other than that, the
system looks really good. It's in good shape. Just needs a little bit of cleaning. (upbeat music) (sound of water spraying) I encourage my customers to do this at least once a month, especially
when it's sitting outside.

When these coils are dirty it doesn't want to cool properly the way it should. (sound of water spraying)
(upbeat music) We found a few things that were a problem. First problem was, the
condenser was dirty. Second, we found that the
door switch downstairs, the screws were stripped. We also found a insulation problem on the suction line of the insulation. So it was leaking water onto the floor. It could be a potential hazard
or concern of the customer. I installed new screws. So the door switch and the
safety switch would not shut off. Second I've re-insulated
the suction line downstairs to help with the water issue. We replaced the filter. We also checked the pressures and we also cleaned the condenser outside. It's a standard clean and
check for an AC system. Should be done once a year. Also, we should see you once
a year for your furnace, to check your furnace out. (upbeat music).

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