How to Add Freon to a Car and Manually Engage AC Compressor Clutch

hey whats up youtube, today I am going to
be showing you guys how to add freon to your AC system and also get your AC Clutch to engage
just incase its not engaging thats a necessary step if you need to add freon to it. its not gona suck in the freon unless its
engaging and the problem is when your freon gets below a certain limit the ac pressure
switch sends a signal to your computer and that shuts off your ac compressor, it does
that so it doesnt damage you know, if if the freon is low it will damage your other components
of you ac system if the compressor keeps going so to do that we are gona be using a one of
these freon in a can type of products it comes with a gauge on it that s also very helpful
to have and I think i got this for about 30 dollars plus a 10 dollar deposit at oreilly's
and you can get that too, yea I really recommend getting this ones with the gauge on them otherwise
you would need to go and buy one of these ac manifold gauge sets and these could cost
you upwards of 50 bucks, I got this for I thing 50 or 60 bucks at harbor freight but
you guys don't need this so, you know specially this is more for like I guess adding freon
and both diagnosing the ac system but if you are like me an you got a cheap car here and
all you care about is just getting the AC to blow cold this is all you need.

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So yea with that said here is how it's done
ok so the next step is to turn on your car put the fan on the highest position turn on
your AC and make sure your AC switch is on too next you want to let the car run for a
couple of minutes than you wana check to see if your AC compressor clutch has engaged or
not here is how it looks like with the clutch engaged hopefully you guys can see and here
is how it looks like with the clutch not engaged ok so I am going to do the rest of this video
with the engine off but you need to keep the engine going if you are going to be adding
freon to it so I am doing this so you guys can actually hear what I am saying so you
know if your AC Compressor clutch has engaged you can just fast forward to towards the end
of this video since you are almost there it should be pretty easy to add freon to your
system but if your ac compressor clutch has not engaged you want to do this next ok so
if your compressor clutch did not engage you need to do it manually and you do that by
first fining your ac compressor relay and that is usually in the fuse box in the engine
bay so we just remove this cover there is usually a little guide on the cover that tells
you which one is for the ac compressor and our case its gona be this one right here so
you want to remove your relay next its kind of tricky not that tricky usually well hopefully
there is a little map at the on your relay itself that tells you which one is responsible
for the which which terminal in the fuse box is responsible for turning on the ac compressor
clutch and in our case hopefully you can see its gona be this one right here 87 as you
can see these two terminals once they get energized it connects this is kind of spring
loaded you could say but one these get energized they pull this side of this terminal (switch)
and it connects number 87 to number 30 but yea so what you can do is you can just manually
ah supply power to terminal 87 and that should turn on your ac compressor clutch and I am
just gona do that right now with some you can do it with any kind of wire or whatever
you just want to get some connect the positive side of your batter which is conveniently
located in our case next to the fuse box so yea just want to run a wire from the positive
side to this terminal which is where number 87 would go and that should turn on our ac
compressor clutch remember you want to do this while the car is running and you ac on
high ok with the car running and your ac on and the fan on the high position I am just
going to be using some alligator clips to connect the positive side to this terminal
right here and than we are gona go to our compressor and check to see if our clutch
has engaged ok now as you can hopefully see the clutch has engaged and now we are ready
to add freon to the system ok so now that we got our ac compressor clutch to come on
and engage and we can now add freon to this ac system this is going to be pretty straight
forward you basically just need to find the low port which usually has a blue cap or a
cap that just says LOW and even if you can't find it if you find the port but you can't
find the cap do not worry once you remove that these connectors can only go on the low
port they are pretty dummy proof so you wont be putting somewhere thats a on the other
side or you know somewhere eles that you can not or not supposed to so just remove this
cap you pull on this and you connect it like that and than you press on this and you start
reading your gauge and some of these have a dial thats you know you put on a certain
temperature depending what is the temperature outside it needs to be at a certain pressure
or psi but this one doesnt have it just has a general area guess green would be low and
as you can see the blue side if fill so if you have something like this you just want
to press it until you get it to the blue side and than ahh that's if its low if its in the
filled area than that means you might have other problems besides low freon in your system
and you probably want to take that to a professional so you just want to get this to the filled
area and than go back inside the car and hopefully you have cold air and you can escape the heat
while driving so hopefully this video helped you guys out there if you have any questions
or comments please leave them below and if you liked this video please give it a thumbs
up alright and I will see you next time

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