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Subscribe You Tube channel Forever Tech to get Latest update of every video Asalam-ul-alakum friends I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching my YouTube channel Forever Tech Today we will talk about dc inverter compressor testing! Today we will tell you whole procedure How will you test compressor? and How faulted compressor looks like? in spite this we will make this video two parts in first part we will tell you how to test compressor? in second part we will tell you how will you know that kit is faulted or in PCB or in compressor? will tell you its method same as compressor testing has two parts first part is electrical test and second part is mechanical test we will tell you its method too in first part we will tell you electrical test! and how will you test from meter we will tell you lets go towards demonstration we have done some setting on table as you can see! here we will tell you testing on multi meter we will tell you how to test PCB how will you get that your compressor is faulty or PCB we will tell you whole testing for this we have ready bulb and one unit we will tell you with both of units it will be in next part …in this we will tell you testing of multi meter that how faulty compressor looks like and how correct compressor looks like? lets go towards unit and will tell you complete detail! music……

Now we have come towards dc inverter AC outdoor unit in which we will tell you complete testing of compressor friends before compressor testing you have to separate PCB from compressor here are two types of models one in which connector comes we can easily separate it PCB and compressor both are separated there is one more type in which wire connector is not installed and wires are attached to terminals inside compressor you have to separate wires from terminals so you can separate PCB from it this test will happen when you will separate PCB from compressor and can't test with it take a multi meter and adjust it in Ohms and Kilo ohms when you adjust in Kilo Ohms and you have to install its terminals in compressors terminals see attach it in any terminal second one attach to next meter is working now its adjusting value its fr-actuating 001.2-3 ohms note this value then you will attach to next terminal see again multi meter is showing you value 1.3 ohms okay! you have to do it same continuously take it out and out in second terminal again its showing 1.5 -1.3 value it have adjust itself value should be balanced up down of .1 ,2 is okay but shouldn't go high till 10 ..

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This value is correct this electrically winding is absolutely correct is working right and continuity is present now I will tell you next test next test is very important test you have to check compressor its leakage or winding leakage is present in it you have to attach this wire clip in any terminal now you have to take next point of multi meter you have to install it in compressor body where welding is done you can see copper wire upon it we have attached here meter is giving no reading same as check second one see we have attached but there is no reading same as check third one this means our winding is not faulted there is no leakage in it or there is no body short in this way your compressor is known to be not faulted now we will show you that compressor which is body shorted now we will show you how it looks! we have bought one more unit and will tell you how will you know its body short here is no connector wires I have taken out its PCB as you can see its terminals you have to set meter on Ohms and kilo Ohms see how I have set it now we have attached its terminal with any one terminal when we will touch wire on its body see meter is showing you reading see its winding is leaked and shorted see it is totally short as you can see we will now take out its terminal and take it to another terminal see we have put in next terminal still there is body short if will be in one….

We can know but still I will show you in three of them its showing short in three of them this means compressor is body shorted and completed dead when you will attach it to PCB …PCB might get faulty so remember it Hopefully you liked the video and will be very useful for you and you will get benefited from it …specially those people who are learning can learn many things from it upcoming our video is about PCB testing that how can you test PCB its working or not? and How can you check compressor? that compressor is faulty or its kit?…you can know!! must watch that video we will upload it soon meet you in next informative video keep watching Forever Tech

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