Has a 1965 Lennox Finally Met It’s End?

well guys this one may be a real treat this looks 
like um a really old air handler that has started   freezing up if i'm not mistaken this is 
one of those that has two power sources stay tuned here is our condenser 
obviously much newer than the   let me see field charged r22 let me see if i can 
get the size off of this four ton is that right yeah four times four ton heat pump um yeah that can make it freeze up that 
bearing didn't sound very good either i think that's the only filter this thing has let's go clean that and see what it 
does look at this little filter timer when this was installed it was the top of the line now that's a relic i can't 
even tell you how old this is hmm okay you can tell he's had some water down there   this is a this little rack right here is 
for a metal pre-filter and that is missing with all this dog hair down here one thing at a time air flows the other way hmm i'm gonna make sure i don't lose this pin i'm 
gonna go blow this off too this fella has a dog   actually he's got two dogs and one 
of them's i forget what breed it is   it looks like a german shepherd but it's all white all of this is interesting to me   i'm pretty sure these are going to be the hot 
electrodes and this is going to be the negatives his blower may have been stopping 
though because of that bearing i found a modeling model number on this air handler pcb one six five victor two i wonder if i can date this by that 
and then it has a linux number p83233 so i got 120 volt motor on this 120 volts and this is going 
to be for my heat strips and that's 240 volts so i 
do have two power sources you know i'm not really 
sure how this is controlled i seriously doubt that still works it looks like i could oh we can look at that coal i don't want to drop it see if i get anything i can't see nothing uh what in the world am i looking at   that coal looks like it has some 
kind of louvers on the bottom of it hmm i am not sure what that is i'm gonna 
slow that down just take a longer video all right let's watch that are y'all seeing hmm i don't think i've seen that we need to find whatever was 
holding all this together dark hair everywhere i can't 
even actually see the coil um he had to pull out some screws somewhere so hmm   so so so um so okay so the owner here told me this house 
was built in 1965 that may be the date   on that air handler in fact i'm pretty sure 
it is because that looks original to the house at the time that was probably the top of the line 
system with the electronic air cleaner i mean i don't think i've seen 
one that goes back that old   i have one in my house that dates from about 
1980 but that one that's pretty that's a relic all right i have tried to charge this 
a little bit and what i'm seeing here i still have really high super heat low 
suction high head and high sub cooling that looks more like a metering device   problem and that thing had a tsv 
and it looks like a really big one i am i don't think i'm gonna be 
able to find that exact replacement so let's go back in and take a 
look a better look at that txb all right we're fixing to 
get a better look at that txp oh my word i would have to take this at least the motor take the motor out and that looks easy to do i am trying and now i'm gonna pull it i'm gonna do 
that on my phone so i can see it well guys that one is likely 
turning into a changeout   i think today's the last day of the 100 degree 
temperatures for at least a little while but i enjoyed looking at that one you 
don't see them like that very often   thanks for watching i'll catch you on the next one

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