Daikin split ac indoor green light blinking || solution || daikin ac error code problems

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Hello Hello Friends In today's video we
will talk about the errors that come in Daikin AC, why do they come and their solution is how to check
, first of all, we come to know that after all, how do we know that our In this case,
an error code is coming in the display of Daikin AC, there are two lights, one is our yellow
light and the other is the green light which turns on when the power is turned off and turns off when the green light starts
blinking Now it is burning again and again and again and again, there is an error in Daikin AC and
this is our display PCB, it has two lights, one yellow or one green, when the green one
blinks, then we have some such I am getting error then how will we check it then we
check it through remote which is daikin's remote, can be anything and it has cancel
button, here in such remote it will be here and which is like ours.

The remote is a five star one,
it will be here in the five star or the inverter comes, by the way, by pressing the cancel button in the remote,
five Keep holding it for a second and it has come to us, it is giving long beep, then it means that there
is an error code, it is giving short beep, there is no error, you will check normally then when there is no error then
we will give short beep if If any error code is coming, then it will give a long beep and we will press on it again and again,
then our errors will continue to sleep, short beeps will be played on everyone.
There are some components of AC (Current) which if
error code comes on failure, then there is a separate wire for them and that is the feedback wire, it
shows the error code which shows the error code of AC (Current).

There are errors, today we will talk about Daikin's inverter, which is non-
inverter, the error codes that come in window ac.
Can be considered full of and in inverter
can be considered as full of indoor because the inverter which is AC has PCB installed in our outdoor also
and its error too. All these errors come, one thing is common, either our PCB is bad,
whenever any error code comes, then our PCB is bad or else any of our components is installed in the PCB,
it is bad in Daikin Ac a1 From C9 to C9, the number of error codes that come a b c whatever is coming are our
indoor error codes when c goes up from d to z it is outdoor or wire error codes,
so today we will talk a1 error code is a1 error code, when our indoor PCB is completely damaged,
then a1 error occurs in our AC, in this condition either the software of the pcb goes or
else there is any part or circuit break of any In that condition a1 error occurs Our next error
code is a5 This error comes when the temperature of our indoor coil falls below zero degree celsius
it rises above 65 degree celsius to less than zero degree celsius If we start going, then there
will be ice on our coil, due to which the error code will come, then the temprature of the coil, either our temperature sensor is bad
There is ice coming on the pressure sensor or our coil, why does ice come in such a way that I have
already made the video, I will give the link in the description, you can see or your PCB is bad,
that I have already told you Either a part will be bad or the PCB is bad when an error
code comes, the next error of Daikin's ac which comes very much a6, a6 error comes when our such motor
gets damaged.

AC motor gets damaged. Or this part is installed in AC, this one will now be able to see
which DC motor runs, when this part gets damaged then this error comes, check in this error code whether the motor is correct or not in his video I will make it later and will
give it in the description in its gender, whenever I make it, I will give the link in the description that
how to check the DC motor or else our PCB is bad, this is the part that burns when it burns in that condition In me too our AC will show the same error code, so first the PCB has to be properly checked if it is not burnt from anywhere and then the motor has to be checked.

pexels photo 3964341

If the motor motor is bad then change the motor if the motor is correct then check it somewhere by putting it in the pcb then change the pcb the next error code in our list is c4, C4 error comes when the temperature sensor coil of our ac The temperature sensor gets damaged, the coil temperature sensor looks something like this, when it gets damaged, then the error code will come or there is a problem in the PCB, to check this I have made a video for Component testing and PCB check

Can video, here we will check the resistance, we will heat it, if it is heated, its value will decrease, then it is correct and if we leave it to cool, then the value will increase on its own. This is the best way to check, you can check the next error of the list The code is c9, c9 error comes when our air temperature sensor gets damaged or the room temperature sensor gets damaged
Which senses the air temperature of our room How many technicians are like Daikin
Air sensor in AC does not happen and c9 error is coming This is the PCB of the display, it does not have a display,
only the display of the five star display only shows the display, it is the display of the five star AC,
it happens that it is a 3D sensor, talk about it later.

The display PCB is like Daikin's, so the air sensor is installed in it, it is ours, it is installed on the back of the display,
it is black and small, we can see that when our C9 error comes, in this condition we have to change the display Hai Daikin AC, which is non-inverter AC of Daikin, only has the same number of error codes
that are there in inverter AC, even if there is a problem in the indoor of inverter AC, then only these error codes
come These error codes of Daikin AC are common There is AC, be it of any type, here comes the error, we
will talk in the next video about the inverter , the error that comes in the AC outside door or the error of the wire, the communication error code, all of them, the video is going to be a little long. I will give the link in the description, from there you can see it If you like the video please like the video and subscribe the channel thank you

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This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through links. Learn more on my Private Policy page.

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