5 Features You Didn’t Know About The 2006-10 Volkswagen Jetta

Here we have this 2009 Volkswagen Jetta that
we've been making some videos on and we notice it has a lot of neat features that other cars
don't have. Even if you own one of these vehicles, you
probably don't know about all of them. We're gonna go over five of them and make
sure you stick around for the last one.

It's definitely the coolest and it has something
to do with ice cream. So the first one isn't the craziest, it's
not gonna affect everybody, but, you know, you wanna be comfortable while you're driving. And one way to be comfortable is having your
armrest set at the right location. While this armrest happens to be adjustable,
it ratchets up so you can be comfortable while you're driving. And then when you're all set, just bring it
all the way up, goes all the way down again. All right, one thing about this car, it doesn't
have lock knobs like most cars, which gives you a nice cleaner look. There's nothing on the doors that…so they're
all electric, they all have the electric switches to lock and unlock the vehicle.

But in the event that the switches are malfunctioning
or your battery is dead, and you need to lock your vehicle up, you're parking it somewhere
that's unsafe, Volkswagen thought of that. For the driver's door, there's a lock cylinder,
so you can just lock the car, you're all set. But for the passenger side and the rear doors,
there's no lock cylinder.

But what we do have is this little button
right here. Just take this cap off, you can use the key
to take that off, and then you just take the key, and just push, the door's locked. You can do that for all three doors. And then in the event that you need to unlock
that door, you can go from the inside, grab the handle, pull it once, and then it'll unlock. I've owned many Volkswagens and all the time
people always ask me what this keyhole is for. And also on the back seats, there's a keyhole
on both sides. Now what those are for is the ability to lock
the trunk up completely so that the valet key doesn't unlock the trunk. So, if you're bringing your car into service,
or you were going to a valet, or something, and you didn't want anyone to access the trunk,
you have some valuables, you wanna put them in there, lock both of those locks on the
seats, and then lock this as well, you cannot access the trunk with this key.

pexels photo 5835359

You can access it with the main keys that
have the buttons on them. For the next feature, let's go ahead and open
up the trunk. Most vehicles have their spare tires in the
trunk and you have to pull up the mat and hold it up while you're trying to get the
stuff out of the trunk. This mat actually has a clip on it and you
can clip it up right there, which is nice, then you have two hands to work while you're
getting out your tools and spare tire.

But even better than that, take a look at
this. When you go in and you get groceries, you
don't wanna put them just in the trunk. They're gonna go all over the place. You have this hook right here. Just throw them on the hook. You can fit a lot of groceries on those. So, that's pretty neat, but you don't wanna
keep your ice cream there. I'm gonna show you something cooler. On a wicked hot day, put your ice cream in
your glove box. In the glove box, if you look over here, there's
a vent. And that actually hooks up to the heating
and air conditioning system. So when you have the AC on, and that vent
is open, you have AC air going into the glove box.

All right. Just to see how cold it gets, we're gonna
throw a thermometer in there and give it a try. All right, so that's pretty cold in there. A little above 40 degrees, that's pretty cool. Time to eat. All right, ice cream might be a stretch. You don't wanna put ice cream in there, and
then forget about it, and have it make a huge mess. But if you're going on a road trip with some
friends, put some sodas in there, it's gonna cool it down, cooler than what the vehicle
temperature is.

So, there's some cool features about this
Volkswagen Jetta that you didn't know. If there's anything I missed leave me a comment
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you don't miss any of our videos. Oh hey, didn't see you there. So the first… Do it again, sorry. I In the glove box and this is really cool,
literally… Do it again. In the glove box, this is really cool, no
pun intended, and… Let's do that again. Here we have this 2009 Volkswagen Jetta that's
pretty awesome..

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