System Cuts On and Off Way Too Often

hey guys i'm on my way to one where the customer 
is saying it's cutting on and off and on you know   it's cooling but what he's describing 
is short so let's go see what we find well we have arrived in i'm not quite hearing it short cycle well maybe it is so i've been to this house before and 
did a um preventative maintenance it's got a are we going out on low pressure no let's see your phone let's see if we're losing a call yep all right let's see if see if i'm losing a call from the thermostat i think if i lose a call from the 
thermostat it's going to go in time delay but i am losing a call from the thermostat oh you see what's doing this this right here that right there is 
what's causing it the short cycle i'll try and catch it this is across my yellows and it's broken by that electric company box the electric 
company box is supposed to um cause it to stay off for a little while 
after there's a power supply issue holy smokes that shot me so now what about that so um it wouldn't hurt to replace 
that no voltage no voltage all right let's replace this contactor this right here is for an electric air 
cleaner and it cycles on air pressure that could be easily replaced with a relay that 
just like goes on a call for the fan to come on hmm man those are loose these two wires here are what go to the electric 
box to let it know when it has lost power the idea behind that is to decrease a large 
surge for power if there's been a local   power problem when they restore power everybody's 
air conditioner wants to come on at the same time or all within a certain time period 
most thermostats nowadays have a   five minute time delay in them so there's 
really no point for that right there power companies are coming 
up with other ways to um regulate the power supply or the your air 
conditioner they want to put on look at that they want to put on a 
programmable thermostat that they can control in some cases i haven't seen them doing that 
around here but i've heard about it come on so all right let's see if i've got 
enough room for both of these to go in the lugs so cut off that part that got hot all right i'm going to cut off a little more so of course this one has not gotten hot so this is a r26 r22 system that um was not used for several years maybe as much as 10 years when i came out to do the prevented maintenance all right we're gonna hook up our power supply so and my other side over here so all right we got orange and red on one 
side black on the other same thing up here make sure i didn't unplug anything 
put power back to it all right we got power we just need 
to wait for it to come on all right on that one i had to 
go back in the house and turn   the thermostat down to get it to come 
on but it did come on and ran just fine   no other problems thanks for watching 
guys and i'll catch you on the next one

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