Display Troubleshooting on a Hunter Controller – Quick Tip

Let's talk about possible complications
you may have with your Pro-C facepack as far as the display goes. The possible complications that you may
experience would be either a blank display, or you might have a display that is
kinda garbled portions of the numbers are digits are messing, or
you might have a full display but some the numbers just
don't make sense. And the third example of the
display is all there, and the numbers are complete, but their
numbers in years that don't make any sense whatsoever you can
try the reset procedure and that's covered under a different video; Now if you have a blank display that's a
little bit different diagnostic procedure.

First thing to remember with if Pro-C
face packs as well as the ICC is they are removable. So this is a removable replaceable part.
In the back in the face pack is a battery compartment, and that battery is there to allow you
to remove the face back and carry the face pack around the yard,
so as you can program in your times and when you're finished you can come
back to the controller and reinstall the face back.

That's the principal idea behind the
battery the first step in diagnosing a blank display on the controllers just make
sure it is a plugin doesn't have power. If it's plugged into a socket unplug the
cord and double check, with some early appliance to drill a
radio or a voltmeter, and CPF power in that plug if you have
no power in the plug you want to restore power back to the plug in reply back in
the controller. If you do have power in the plug, then
more than likely you do have power coming up through the transformer and
over to the face back. So in this example we have a blink
display inside the face pack is a battery
compartment door, and will look here there is no
nine volt battery. We may not have any power coming in but
we're gonna make sure is this face pack operational. So to do
that we'll just go ahead and put a 9-volt battery
onto its connection, dropped back in to the compartment, here
we can close up little door there .Let's see we have a
great we've got no way see so we have life in
the face pack with a nine volt battery installed.

It showing the message no AC which
means there's no AC power coming in you should be able to go through and
program all your information that you want for
your run time and start times. It will not turn a station on, or a valve
on from battery power you need AC power. So here we've shown that what she did
facepack is in good shape. All the digits are
there, and as tight as a gimmick go back to run there's no AC coming in. If I go back over and I remove the nine volt battery, the display up goes blank, which tells us that the face pack is
fine we just don't have any power coming into the face pack. But if you do
install a 9-volt battery in the compartment and you still have
no display it will say Do you know that the face pack will need to
be replaced.

pexels photo 3964736

And his face packs are not waterproof
their semi water resistant at bast, and an outdoor environments in water and rain you want to ensure
that the doors close completely all the time to safeguard against damage to the display. Once again if you have blank display, install the nine what
battery. If you still have no display need to replace the face pack. So the
other possible symptom you may be experiencing is where portions of the numbers are
no longer there. It won't affect the operation the
controller but it will be affected display as far
as how you can program it. If you try reset procedure that's
referenced in our other video resetting controllers and it does
not cure it you would need to replace the face pack, to get your complete displaying and your
complete digit back again.

Let's talk about removing the face
pack from the controller. The first thing you want to do is turn
the power supply off to the controller, and once the power is turned off to the
controller, when you open the back and you'll see
that the great ribbon connects into the back to face pack. You'll simply
remove the great ribbon from the back in the face pack and
there's a hinge release button the hinge release button let's go the two
plastic hinges up and I love comes a face back in your
hand. Once again the hand release button and
the two hinges are here, when you go to reinstall the door I
found it best to use a 45 degree angle, hold down the hinge release button and a
little too to align right up on the holes. And we're gonna very carefully reinsert
this connector straight here in on the pins that are inside the face

Make sure expressed all the way in or make contact. So now we have our great remain
connected are hinges locked in place and we can power back up the controller. It'll show no AC initially, should
revert right away to the current time..

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