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Subscribe Forever Tech YouTube channel for latest videos updates Assalam-u-alakum Friends! I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching our YouTube channel Forever Tech In which we are making the best informative videos for you So Friends , Today we will talk about Kenwood Dc Inverter Ac error code In which we will tell you , when this error code will come on the display What can be its solution? And why it comes on display? Friends it will be a request That if you are new on our channel so Subscribe it and also press bell icon so that you can get upcoming videos notification Friends it will not cost you anything But we will be motivated Freinds let's start the video This is Kenwod Dc Inverter Ac Indoor PCB 1.5 Ton And it have come for repairing Today we will repair it And its some error codes also we will share with you Before showing it to you I have already made a setup I've kept everything in its place So we will check it , it will turn on or not See , I have set up the whole See this wire We will install in it We give it supply Our unit haven't turn on Because it beep once when it gets on Now through remote also we will turn it on Through remote also it is not working After this we will also press once its auto switch It is still not turning on It means it is totally dead And visually we cant see any damage in it But nothing That we can tell you that visually it was damage So that's why we have to check it properly After checking it When it turn on We will share with you its error codes It is now repaired We have repaired it I have again install the setup Now we will pass the electric After passing electric to it we will check it , it is working or not See , we give electric Now you can also hear the voice It have turn on It have start working Now through remote we will turn it on When error code will come we will share it with you That why this error code comes It is set on 16 temperature As you can see it is on cooling mode Its Fan Motor has start working To show you I have already put a tape so that you can see the fan motor is working When error code will come so we will share with you that why it comes Friends , error code has start showing on the display See , 36 Error Code has show on the display When 36 error code occur on the display So what does it means?……

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And why it comes ? We will explain you with full detail Whenever this error code comes on the display Outdoor will stop working Indoor blower will keep working You will keep getting air But there will be no cooling So it means that it is Serial Communication Error Serial Communication Error we say it in technical language In common language when between indoor and outdoor communication ends So it is said Serial Communication Error It have some reasons First reason can be this , Cables connected between the Indoor and Outdoor From these any cable get loose or loose connection So then it can give serial communication error Beside this , your Indoor supply It works on switching relay Its models work on switching relay Inside it switching relay is fit See from here supply is coming And from here supply is going back If switching relay get faulted so then also it will give 36 error code in Indoor display If PCB is not turn on so then also it will give 36 error So this you have to check it Or carbon comes between them Their two points are meeting in ups and is working magnetically They are joined together that's why supply goes towards the Outdoor If carbon comes between them so then also it will not give you electric wire and it will show 36 error code Beside this , If your Outdoor fuse get fused so then also it will show 36 error code on your display And your outdoor won't work at all Beside this , your fuse is alright but still 36 error code is occurring so it means that your Outdoor PCB is faulted Is dead and no component is working so because of this also it will give 36 error code So what will you do ? Get repair your Outdoor PCB or change it so this error 36 will get disappear from the unit And your unit will come back in its working position And then you can enjoy the cooling Friends , I hope you liked today's video and it will come in work for you So we will meet in the next video

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