Trane Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

I need your advice on Trane air conditioner
troubleshooting. That’s surprising, since the units that
fail their initial quality inspection get the American Standard label instead of the
Trane one. This is not a brand new unit, but it is not
that old either. That’s why I do not want to pay for a repairman
so soon after the purchase. Before you assume it is broken, make sure
the AC is set to cool, not just set at 68. I put that in the category of common sense. If the AC gives the error 0x01 or 0x08, it
has a communication error.

You can try tripping the breaker to reboot
it, or just call for service. That’s not the error I’m seeing. If you get the 0x02 error that there is a
refrigerant leak, check to see if there is actually condensation or literal ice on it
that proves there is a refrigerant leak. If not, you may still have a leak if it has
had to work harder and longer to make a house cool. That’s definitely not cool. If you have the 0x03 filter choke error, you
probably need to clean the filters. That or there’s a problem with the fan that’s
preventing enough air intake. At least the filter status I can at least
verify by looking at the unit.


The 0x04 error is for the indoor temperature
sensor, while 0x05 is the outdoor temperature sensor. If either one fails, you can try replacing
the sensor or calling for service. Or move the fan in the house. A fan is not going to cool things down enough
to actually affect that. If you get an 0x0a or 0x0b error, you need
service because the unit stopped working, but you can check the power cord or trip the
breaker just in case. I never thought smart thermostats and smart
electronics brought the inconvenience of rebooting HVAC as often as PCs. If you get the 0x09 error, you just need to
change the battery. But I’ll need the manual I do not have,
to find where it is. It may be in the control panel. Speaking of which, if the LED 1 is green and
the other is blinking green and red, you’ll need to either turn it off and turn it on
or reset it. I think that’s the same thing. In fact, if the LED 2 light is red ever, there’s
an error on the PCB.

Whether you want to try to power cycle it
or call tech support depends on how long you want to life off buckets of ice and fans. I’m probably doing that for a few days,
until the repair guy gets here..

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