Mitsubishi 5-Zone Hyper Heat: Efficient Ducted/Ductless Minisplit System

A Unique House in Bellingham’s Sudden Valley: Upgrading Heating and Cooling Solutions

Initial Heating Situation

In the picturesque Sudden Valley area of Bellingham, there stands a rather remarkable house which was built in the 1980s. Originally, this home was equipped solely with a wood stove and a set of 120-volt electric panel heaters for temperature control. Unfortunately, these rudimentary systems proved insufficient; the house lacked an effective heat source, and power bills would soar during frigid spells. Contemporary renovation was clearly necessary.

Implementing a Ducted/Ductless Combination System

Experts saw the perfect opportunity for installing a state-of-the-art ducted/ductless combination system. To provide optimal coverage, two outdoor units were needed; a 42,000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) Hyper Heat was installed at one end, and a 30,000 BTU Hyper Heat on the other. The former would serve five zones with its capability, while the latter would encompass three.

With the branch box securely stationed outside in a NEMA-rated enclosure, solutions tailored for each space were installed. At one end, a floor mount unit provided warmth for a bedroom, while a ducted SVZ air handler serviced the entire upper level. A 15,000 BTU GL head heated and cooled the basement area.

An In-depth Look at Each Zone

Upper Floor and SVZ Air Handler

Taking an in-depth look at the upper floor, an 18,000 BTU SVZ air handler was the perfect temperature control solution. Hidden behind a wall, a return air filter grille allowed for proper air circulation. A supply trunk branching out into four separate registers addressed the heating needs of each room on the upper level – three bedrooms and a bathroom – with steel ductwork seamlessly integrated into the home’s design.

Kitchen and Main Living Area

In the kitchen area, a sleek 9,000 BTU floor mount unit replaced the inadequate heating previously provided by the now-defunct Lennox system. In the main living area, an 18,000 BTU wall-mounted head efficiently supplied heating and cooling, situated to ensure comprehensive coverage throughout the space.

Basement and 15,000 BTU Head

Down in the basement, a crucial area often overlooked for temperature control, a 15,000 BTU head was efficiently installed. The open layout enabled louvers to propel heated or cooled air in the necessary direction. Supplementing the pre-existing electric panel heaters, this ensured true temperature control year-round.

Future Expandability and Improved Efficiency

In addition to providing much-needed temperature control throughout the house, these upgrades also considered potential future expansions. Choosing a five-zone 42,000 BTU Hyper Heat unit on one end allowed for the easy addition of more zones in the coming years, if desired.

This comprehensive approach transformed an 80s-era home with outdated heating solutions into a modern, comfortable space complete with energy-efficient temperature control options. With the capacity to expand the system further, the homeowners can enjoy lasting comfort while keeping energy bills at bay.

Conclusion: A Comprehensive Overhaul for A Unique Space

With an innovative combination of ducted and ductless heating and cooling systems, this unique house in Bellingham’s Sudden Valley area has been completely transformed. No longer subject to exorbitant energy bills and insufficient heating methods, the occupants now enjoy comfortable temperatures in every room, regardless of the season. By harnessing advanced technology such as Hyper Heat outdoor units and versatile indoor heating and cooling options, this one-of-a-kind house is now both comfortable and energy-efficient—truly a modern marvel.

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