Qbrick Studio – Qbrick System vs Milwaukee vs DeWalt – part 2 – episode 34

Show me, what are you hiding inside! Starring: Grzegorz and Peter with the measuring
tape. So what, Piotr? Let’s have a look inside. At first Milwaukee. What is inside of the first toolbox? American toolbox. On the top we have 2 narrow containers, we'll
come back to them in a second… Underneath there are long containers with
removable dividers. We've already checked the dimensions. How long it is? This is 30 cm, I will show you. 30 cm is a very nice function, because we
can transport long things or short things, if we install the dividers… I like it.

Two boxes with compartments, on the top we
can put a little case with a cover, for some small things. Second one is without cover. We have a pressure panel here, a pressure
plate that means whatever is inside does not spill over the containers. This place is for a GPS transmitter. GPS transmitter – what for? It is expensive, very expensive, just like
the powertools stored inside. It really has a big value. The system itself is very expensive, but with
tools inside makes it is very expensive. If you leave it on the construction site,
you mount the transmitter and you can check its localisation on the phone’s application. Thief tracking? I am not convinced, but it's okay.

Here's a black seal. You can't see it because it's simply black. It is black and it is tubular. We said it is tubular, it presses against
the corpus thanks to the fasteners. It is IP65. We leave it open so that we can see the whole
thing later. Let's take a look at Qbrick. It is solved a bit differently, because we
have 2 medium containers and 4 small, both tall. In addition, we have compartments that also
organize our space. So we can take them all out and use only these
dividers and put something long here. We do not have this long bin…. It seems that Milwaukee is better-solved. I also heard it's gonna be a long container. You will find out soon. We also have such a pressuring plate here.

This means that these small elements will
stay in the container, they will not fall out. It is similar. In Qbrick the seal is immediately visible
because of its fair red color. This is a full gasket. After closing it is solid, we have an IP66
certificate. I need to mention it, in case someone forgot
it. Okay, we're opening Dewalt now. There is a seal in Dewalt, but it is different
from the others. The gasket is different in DeWalt. Because the seal from Milwaukee and Qbrick
is an insert gasket, it is a separate element. The gasket is put into the slot. Dewalt has done overmolding, so this is a
technology that this cover goes from one machine to second and it is sprayed. The seal is permanently attached. It seems to be very strong… very strong. And so soft, right? A little sticky. It seems that this Dewalt waterproofness should
be at least like Qbrick's, but they got only IP65. worse than Qbrick but still very good. I believe that is sufficient protection from
dust and water. Qbrick managed to do it better and obtain
greater protection. Wait a second. Because here is a “click” system?…

Do we have the same “click system” in
Qbrick and Milwaukee? You can't hear it, but there is a clear resistance
that the cover puts up. Do you remember? We showed in the episode with the comparison
of Milwaukee organizers. Imagine that we use this box in the windy
conditions. We don't have to tilt it, but if is windy,
the cover close up onto our hands. Due to this little “click stopper” there
is a natural barrier, a small breeze does not cause the falling of the cover.

This is great. There is no such thing in Qbrick because “Qbrick
One” was made a long time ago and we haven't used this solution in those days. Milwaukee doesn’t have it. It's nowhere else. So it looks like this is just made in the
newest box. The latest model, the designers have already
observed the trend and came up with this feature, which is great. This is useful. We have containers, here is another solution,
similar to Milwaukee. There are 2 longer ones with removable dividers,
but very deep. This is real deep. Both containers have a lid. Peter, at the moment, in terms of utility,
Milwaukee seems to me to be the most useful.

They can load small items, they can load shallow
ones, they can load long items. Second place goes to DeWalt because there
are several options of inside arrangement. Dewalt doesn't use this pressure plate because
both containers have a polypropylene lid. However, Qbrick will have it any moment soon. I think that we need another 1.5 month to
have ready a long container with some dividers. So it will have at least DeWalt functionality. We are already doing it. We see this need. There was a comment I read – the guy installed
the air conditioning, he needed such long dowels and he picked the idea up to me. I started to think about it. It is indeed necessary, so we will have it
soon. But at the moment, honestly speaking, Qbrick
is the worst of these 3 systems in terms of this functionality. These containers can be hung. You can hang them, we've already shown it. But you can't put in anything long, unless
you take containers out. Then you can put long stuff in here…

The items will overflow and take it for yourself
and here you just pull it out of it. Yeah okay okay. Maybe we will measure something now? Let’s do this! I suggest measuring diagonal, it is usefull
information. So that everyone can see, about 55/56 cm maximum. A narrow 56 cm drill bit will fit diagonally. I suspect that Milwaukee will be similar. This is America. Exactly the same 56. And now, check the Qbrick. 60, show it Peter. Look, when it comes to this feature, Qbrick
wins. It has 4 cm more. Peter, we discussed the upper toolboxes, let’s
move to the middle size toolboxes. Milwaukee Packout. I like this box very much. We like this toolbox very much! We repeated it because, there were some comments
that we don't like other toolboxes. I like it very much, because first of all
it has a large, arched handle on the top and it also has a second, small on the front. I'm talking about what this box looks like
from the outside. I want to mention these rails that are present
in every version of the box. We didn’t mention that feature, so we're
catching up now.

There are also modifications in the lower
one. They extend this aluminum rod, and put a mount
under the system. I watched it, it looks interesting. Sometimes they give such a large basket in
the front. These rods make a designer character, they
improve durability, but it must be said that they take up space. We measured it, there was a difference of
4 cm in diagonal. Okay, I opened it now. And we show what is inside. In the middle size box there is a deep tray,
very solid, indeed. There is also room for a divider, but I can't
see this divider. I suspect that it is not standard equipment,
maybe it is available to purchase separately. I do not know if the manufacturer has it as
an additional accessory, or if you just have to make it yourself from a small board. I just have noticed that there is also such
a pressure element. I guess it's about stabilizing this tray,
when carrying it vertically. So now I know that you have a "buts" about
this box, if you could tell me what you don’t like? You said before, “off cameras” that something
bothers you.

I will explain. I don't have any "but". Due to the fact that the cover is also part
of the connecting system, this must have a handle encircling the box’s exterior dimension. Milwaukee doesn’t have this possibility
to place a handle in the cover – like in Dewalt or like in Qbrick. Because it goes on the toolbox contour, the
handle is quite wide and at the same time high. It has a fairly low position due to length
of this handle. I can't attach many things underneath. This system should provide that option. It's not a flaw, it's a consequence of this
system. Here we have to DeWalt… Here we have Milwaukee… Check this out. Do you see how lower is the position of the
Milwaukee toolbox? Yes, if I attach one more, then Peter will
need to lift it above the obstacles, which will be troublesome, unnatural.

I can hold DeWalt on my straightened arm. I can hold milwaukee with my bent arm. It must be said that this handle is also not
nice to hold. It is thin, much thinner than the front one,
but it is also due to its design. To be fair, they made some practical features. If we put this handle down, then we open the
lid. When closing again we can lift the toolbox
without closing the front latches. You will decide whether it is needed or is
it a fancy trick? It is practical if someone forgot to lock. Indeed, it really is practical. A wave of bad comments will pour out on me,
because Milwaukee really has a lot of fans.


If someone spent so much money on these boxes,
he will defend it. I had to point it out. You are free to comment. Listen, Milwaukee has this “clicking system”. They boast that it is a one-handed system
in case of organizers. It really works. If I grab this organizer. Ok, maybe I grab this thin one first. I pull it out. Even if I have small screws in it, I will
keep it in this position.

It is a natural position. Then, I plug it in and it works. Imagine now – if I have this organizer, with
about 3 kilograms of screws inside, it will be difficult but I'll try to keep it like
that. This one-handed system makes sense, because
they say it's a one-handed system in all products. If I have 2 hands free, I open it, I take
it in a classic way, and here I have wh at to take and hold? Ok, that is how it is.

I say clearly – in the organizers, it works. The one-handed Milwaukee system works in case
of organizers. There must be consistency in the system, you
can't do it differently with one product and not with others. In the Milwaukee system we need this sliding
move to unconnect items, so I have to put something down and shift it to snap it into
place. If this box is heavy, let’s say 30 kilograms
of power tools inside. It needs only a few power tools and it is
enough for the box to weigh a lot. I am putting this heavy toolbox on the cart
and I push it to snap it on… What is happening now? Wait wait.

I don’t know what you have in mind? I am going to show the fact that the organizers
worked great. In the case of a large box, it works worse. At this moment I push it and the trolley is
escaping. We checked this, with bigger weight it is
harder to mount the box because the trolley moves forward… In the Platform they have a pressing leg so
that the platform can stay still and does not run away. In the cart they do not have it. So here you would need me, or a wall or whatever
to hold the cart still. I'm not saying it's a big problem, but it
occurs. DeWalt next, take it because the public will
say we're biased.

I know them. They're gonna say that the Qbrick standard
is not like Milwaukee. There is a heavy box. I need to put it from above. Simple. The cart don't escape. It won't go away. Here I have to make this pushing move. Well, of course, if I hitch, it will jump. In case I have a heavy box, it would not be
easy… You know what, even if cart would be heavy,
it would also go away. We had to tell you this, because what works
in one system works worse in another. In Qbrick we have the same system as in DeWalt,
so if we have a heavy box, we put it on top. Then the weight disappears and we can connect
the toolbox easily. We have to shift the weight.The heavier it
is, the more difficult it is to connect. Check Qbrick now. The handle bothers us, we have to pull the
toolbox off. Milwaukee is better solved in this aspect.

Inside we have 2 compartments – ordinary dividers
with elastic straps where we can vertically attach certain tools. And a “Multi divider” that we discussed
in one of previous episodes. It is dedicated for small elements. This divider can stand as a table organizer. Okay, I have this question. At first there was a tray, now there is no
tray. What's the story behind anyway? There was a tray. We still have got this tray. It was in this place. There were hooks, these hooks fell out. That was an unfortunate solution. Due to our users' suggestions, we gave up
this tray. We gave the second “Multi Divider”. As something interesting, instead of a tray. At this moment our customers are saying, we
want a tray, we want to have the possibility to have a tray… How? How is it possible? I promise you, here in public, that in 2 months
this tray will be available. Each box will have such a solution that this
tray will no longer be on these insert hooks. Adjustment will be made, so the tray will
be able to hang on stable here.

We do not know yet whether we will be selling
it: 2 trays or 2 dividers or separately. Definitely you will be able to have this box
with trays inside. We promise. What else is important, let me emphasize it
– each toolbox comes with 4 different versions of the lid. Milwaukee has just one type of cover sometimes
in different colors, in Dewalt it is the same. Dewalt – there is one upper, very comfortable
handle… The most comfortable, I think.

And 2 side ones. Remember to open it carefully. After the cover opening there is a click. I don’t know if you noticed this click. It occurs neither in Qbrick nor in Milwaukee. This is the latest box model from DeWalt. Those are older, so as you can see this progress
is such that when there is a novelty, even such small elements like the click system
in the lid. Producers just observe what are the new solutions,
good new solutions on the market, and make conclusions. I am convinced that in one year, the other
products will have this click as well. In standard there is a tray inside.

We don't have this tray, someone had to borrow
it and we didn't have time to buy it for this program. There are 2 slots for 2 dividers, it's a bit
lower, so I'm wondering, I don't know honestly. Maybe the set includes 2 lower compartments
and a tray, which would be a nice solution. We don't know, we don't know. It seems to be just one tray like in Milwaukee
and the client needs to buy it separately. I think you can check it by yourself in Dewalt
accessoriers section. Anyway, DeWalt is hardly available on our
market. We couldn't even buy the organizers to show
you the full system. Qbrick treats it as a toolbox, so we can carry
it. Milwaukee treats it like a box, but this handle
I need to say, it is not comfortable, it is thin, such a thick rod. Front handle is more comfortable, thicker. But in this situation for vertical transport. And DeWalt, which we also carry like a normal
box. And we can carry it with these 2 side handles. These actually are handy for fixing toolbox
on the shelves. Peter, we have talked a lot today! We need to make a third episode.

Well, we have to meet again, discuss these
features of key producers. Exactly, it is a hard topic, hard, hard topic. In the next, third episode we will summarize
Qbrick vs. DeWalt vs. Milwaukee. Leave the comments. Subscribe us because we want to be with
you every Friday at 12 o'clock..

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