HVAC Chiller Electrical Trainer Build Carrier P2

making really good progress on 
it i probably won't have all the   electrical actually done for the class 
tonight like i was hoping for but that's okay   tonight's more of a lecture focus anyway but 
i will have you know at least i can roll it   in there and we can look at it and talk about 
it and use the schematics as troubleshooting   opportunities and i'm using these little 
resistors here and these will just set represent   a fixed temperature as a thermistor so it was 
said of it being variable i tried looking at some   potentiometers or rheostats however you 
want to look at them variable resistors   and that was not going to work out but i'll use 
these two little power supplies i can input 24   output a range of one and a half to five volts 
dc or actually one and a half to two 24 volts   but you know i had one will be set for   high pressure one will be set for low pressure 
to send an input to the control module


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