When is the Best Time to Sell HVAC Preventive Maintenance Contracts?

When considering the optimal timing to sell HVAC preventive maintenance contracts, one must carefully assess various factors. From analyzing seasonal demands to understanding consumer behavior, he or she can determine the best time to approach potential customers. This article explores key insights on identifying the opportune moment for HVAC maintenance contract sales, taking into account industry trends and consumer habits. By strategically aligning promotions with peak times, businesses can maximize their chances of effectively selling preventive maintenance contracts.

When is the Best Time to Sell HVAC Preventive Maintenance Contracts?


In the world of skilled trades, particularly HVAC, there is an abundance of information available to help professionals excel in their field. HVAC Shop Talk, a YouTube channel and podcast, is one such platform that celebrates the industry and provides valuable insights for HVAC professionals. Presented by the talented Zach Siota, this video delves into the importance of selling preventive maintenance contracts within HVAC businesses.

The Significance of Selling Maintenance Contracts

HVAC Shop Talk acknowledges that selling preventive maintenance contracts can significantly benefit both HVAC businesses and their customers. These contracts ensure that the system is regularly and properly serviced, reducing the likelihood of major repairs and breakdowns. Furthermore, they provide an opportunity to address any underlying issues that may arise, enhancing the system’s overall performance and efficiency.

The Ideal Sales Scenario

According to Zach Siota, the ideal time to sell a preventive maintenance contract is when a repair is made during hot weather and the indoor temperature is high. This scenario emphasizes the importance of efficient cooling systems and encourages customers to consider the long-term benefits of regular maintenance. By timing the sales pitch during a time of discomfort and reliance on the HVAC system, the value of preventive maintenance contracts becomes evident.

Charging and Fine-Tuning Systems

While it might be tempting to charge and fine-tune HVAC systems during high indoor temperatures, Zach Siota advises against such practices. The heat can affect the accuracy of measurements and may lead to incorrect charges, compromising the system’s performance. To avoid potential drawbacks, professionals have several options: charging the system to the best of their ability and hoping for the best, waiting until the temperature cools down to complete the charge, or returning on a later date to assess the charge and provide any necessary additional services.

The Role of Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Selling preventive maintenance contracts goes beyond generating revenue for HVAC businesses. It serves as a commitment to the customer’s satisfaction and ensures that their systems are consistently and expertly cared for. Regular maintenance inspections can identify and rectify issues before they escalate, guaranteeing prolonged system life and minimizing costly repairs. By emphasizing the value of these contracts, HVAC professionals can forge mutually beneficial relationships with their clients.

HVAC Shop Talk and its Sponsors

HVAC Shop Talk, with its commitment to celebrating the skilled trades, thrives with the support of its sponsors. Notable sponsors include the Beckett Corporation, Yellow Jacket, NAVAC, EWC Controls, and TruTech Tools. These companies share the same dedication to excellence and quality within the HVAC industry, making them the perfect partners for HVAC Shop Talk.


In summary, selling preventive maintenance contracts in the HVAC industry plays a significant role in ensuring the proper servicing of systems and addressing any potential issues that may arise. The ideal time to sell these contracts is during repairs made in hot weather, emphasizing the value of regular maintenance in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. While charging and fine-tuning systems during high temperatures is not recommended, HVAC professionals can offer alternatives to ensure optimal system performance. HVAC Shop Talk and its sponsors further contribute to the industry’s growth and success, providing valuable resources and support for HVAC professionals.

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