CPS IAQPRO SmartAir Prize Winner

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Hello everybody I'd like to apologize For not getting this video out yesterday I was just slammed and had no time to Even record something on my phone which Is what I was gonna end up doing I Thought But I had to wait till today so I Apologize for that I do have a winner For our CPS IQ Pro which is right over Here the IAQ Pro Smart air We had five entries so some of you guys Have signed up for the upside app which Is how we're entering to win you sign up For the upside app you get gas and then I see you show up on my app as a Referral so you use my referral code and Then I pick from the people who have Actually gotten gas and that transaction Has gone through that's why I waited a Couple days because sometimes it takes a Couple days so if you didn't get on the List here I'm sorry but just stay Vigilant keep getting gas because we're Going to give away a lot more stuff here In the future and if you are unaware of This and haven't signed up yet there'll Be a link in the description of this Show down here at the bottom down there And you can sign up and enter to win on The next one which will be about a week From now and I'll announce another prize Here in a few days so let's take a look At the list and see who was on it we Have number one WEP and I'm going to be

Giving a fragment of the name because When you Come to get your prize when you email me At hvacshop talk at gmail.com to get Your prize you'll need to give me the Full name to verify that I have the Right person and this is a legitimately The winner So number one is WEP those of you who Have signed up with that particular WEP in the sign up name for upside You'll Know Who You Are number two is James and of course I omitted the second Part of James's name For the same reason Number three is Will Number four is k-i-l Number five is jwx So some of these are emails I'm just Adding the first few letters like I was Saying again I'll leave them up on the Screen here for just a second so WEP James will k-i-l and jwx so that is five Possible winners we're gonna go over to The Google random number generator I'm gonna put in five And we're going to generate number five Say jwx j-w-x you are the winner send me An email at hvacshoptalk gmail.com with Your full sign up name I believe jwx was An email so send me your full sign up Name you'll probably email me from that Email so it'll be doubly certified Send me your address full address and I

Will send out your prize congratulations Again we're gonna do this some more so I Have a few more prizes stuff I just I'm Not using anymore and samples and things That the companies I work with send me And after we do our advertising and our Videos with them I'm done with them and I'm gonna send them on to you guys so There's gonna be a lot more and there's Going to be some very good stuff out There guys so stay tuned we'll have some Swag as well some shirts some hats and All that good stuff as well so make sure You're signed up to the upside app using My referral code again it's in the Description here congratulations to jwx And I will see you guys on the next one

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