AC Compressor Overheated Not Cooling Testing Windings/ Megging, Ohms Fixing HVAC System

so i'm on this service call and well i noticed the compressor wasn't running so this is how to check a compressor we're going to ohm it out my meter leads together work open line it's not good so i'm gonna have to go to the compressor but open line and now here's the third wire open line oh we got something very high resist okay that one's good that's not so we're not grounded or we be blowing the breaker but now i'm going to go to the compressor because i don't trust just off the leads in case something disapp disconnected and as i come in here wires don't look broken that looks a little squished but let's see how are my terminals oh there's compressors hot it's really really hot so yeah it's off on thermal not even worth checking here yet until i cool it off i'm gonna run water on it boom here i go [Music] starting to spray you can see that steam just coming right off of it it's very hot what i'm gonna do is dry this off dry that off just plug this on there's no power just to kind of keep those a little bit on the dryer side you can just see that steam coming right off that compressor [Music] just watering a compressor it's like watering grass in a garden it's watering a compressor see is it gonna steam still just trying to get the overload to reset inside hopefully it's not shot once i get it to close i'm going to mag it to see what the insulation's like because when you overheat it you can damage your insulation let's see it's still hot still have steam coming off the side you see so i'm gonna hose it for a little bit longer all right so now i've cooled this off i'm not gonna say it's perfect but it's cooled down so now i'm gonna connect this to the ground i'm gonna mag it because this is the best way to check a compressor make sure the insulation is good so boom we're on the post you always gotta be on a good ground okay good now for the next terminal okay good and the last terminal dang of course my tools like to fall i mean i bet you guys never seen a meg this old i'm kidding boom um good so all the terminal insulations are good so they all because they're good i should be testing the compressor it should test good so let's go here to here four three nine okay here to here two nine here to here two good yeah perfect okay so this should turn on yeah because of this we have to find back on okay just going to reconnect the wires so let's see if we start boom it's on all right so compressor came back on let's see what my pressures are oh oh that's why we overheated no charge i'm gonna have to add r22 to this thing that's what it looks like i got to see what they want to do though because that compressor is struggling so that's why it overheated and opened the windings all right so they want to see at three pounds what happens may not go the full three we may go more but let's see what's going on with this machine our scale is starting at zero so low pressures almost nothing that's open and gas it can go up to three pounds may not need it but we only used one ounce let's see where we go but suction's high liquid line is lower than suction let's gas it and see what happens we're at 69 now 68 psi i might have to go in as liquid because my cam pressure is not that high let's uh stop for a sec so we're four ounces and six psi so what i'm going to do is i'm going liquid i'm gonna flip my can and this is gonna go a lot quicker okay home cancel boom okay we have no sub cooling it's a txv so we've got one pound and let's see what happens boom at one pound where are we super heat um look my liquid and suction same temperature and something is not right there so i got them on the wrong line i believe they're on the wrong line so let's switch [Music] oh wait no that should be good i just don't have any super heat whoopsie well we're up to 15 at one pound let's see what happens will we get closer [Music] here we go i'm gonna go another pound i'm not even gonna bother to care what that says yet let's get to two pounds and then see because we definitely need at least another pound or two so let's see we get the two because look suction line is still 86 degrees liquid lines dropping maybe i do have the wrong side yep okay okay we're almost at two 86 we're still not cooling hope too okay stop it let's see where we [Music] are oh yeah that's not too promising yet no sub cool suction line is 87 super heat is it dropping uh well i told him no matter what let's uh give it a minute and see but i don't think this is too promising because suction line got warmer liquid lined it too but that's good because it's rejecting heat and the campy liquid line cannot be colder than the outside so let's see outside is in the 90s so let's uh go my last pound it's all i could do it's 91 i think somewhere around there here's the last pound hopefully this does something or they got to put in another one two and a half compressor at least is sounding a little better so that means this should start to come down which it is all right let's stop it at three okay three pounds gonna let it run for a minute i gotta go the bathroom all right i'll save one more so we're going to four but this is at least dropping a little [Music] [Music] is you're not gonna have refrigerant though for it that's gonna be the biggest problem is that you're not gonna have the refrigerant available right now five pounds 26 degrees of super heat i'm curious to see where this goes suction pipe is 59 super heat's dropping i may have gotten a good charge with the five may not be perfect but mighty got a good charge except for it's a little worrisome on an 87 degree day a 60 degree friggin suction but super heats coming down suction lines coming down so and ask them to just make sure their filter's clean also so this is actually a high velocity system i mean my super heat's 21 it's not bad sub cool i have a 20 degree split inside so i'm gonna leave this how it is i mean i'm not going over what they don't want to spend money on but it's actually cooling pretty nice right now well till next time i'm out you got that nice sweaty beer can cold suction line somebody banged up peace

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