Beginner HVAC Technician Tools: Multimeter

i'd say that this is probably 
a brand new technician   must have cannot perform a 
maintenance without a meter   this is a multimeter this is what i use to check 
all my electrical all my connections my capacitors   my amp draw ohms really everything and temperature 
so this is my main tool it's probably most used   maintenance diagnostics it's got what they call 
the what do they call widowmaker on here that's   the nickname of it the non-contact voltage 
so you can see interesting because you've   been able to just use it to check the power 
yeah this tells me that there's power here so   there is at the switch okay which of course i 
would suspect but now i just meter to be able   to do almost everything that i need i'd say 
that this is probably a brand new technician   must have cannot perform maintenance without a 
meter cannot perform a repair without a meter it's   almost like checking refrigerant without gauges 
it's impossible so yeah very important to have a   good meter now brand there's many many different 
brands fluke is probably what i would go with   if they weren't uh eight hundred a good one 
really yeah comparable one that does all of that   for fluke yeah probably around 800 that one 
is around 350.

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that's why i did that one   and that's coming from a guy who likes quality you.

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