The Big Problem Between HVAC Installers and Service Techs w/ David Richardson

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This video is brought to you by Beckett HVAC pump Solutions you can trust Learn more at forward Slash industrial you started the article I thought in a very good way kind of Going back into your childhood with what Started as your first job and you were Not choosing a job where you had choices But you weren't choosing to get a job I Guess your father had propelled you to Get a job in one way shape or form and Gave you some options and you chose HVAC And let me just start with that why did You choose that because I know the other One was Paperboy and there was lawn Mowing I think yeah why did you choose Because I thought working for Dad would Be easy I thought being the boss's son Oh this will be a cakewalk Anybody who's on this call who's a Boss's son Yeah there's two types of bosses Sons There's two that one always has to prove Themselves so they're always trying to Go above and beyond the second type they Just don't care they drift along and They'll let everybody do their job for Them from what I have seen what I have Witnessed there's no in between it's Either you do great Or you're a bum yeah I'm sorry I think that's about right I mean I was A boss's kid my of course both my Brothers in fact all three of my

Brothers worked for my father at one Point although my younger brother was Only briefly my older brother still Works for him to this day and uh I Started out probably the lazier of the Two of those and and sort of transferred And once I was given some responsibility It kind of I kind of rose to the Occasion yeah so to speak and I think That's uh that's important thing that You know once you get responsibility I Mean that's how life is defined by Taking responsibility for stuff I guess Um so what did that teach you that first Summer you were it says you were 12. is That right I was I was 12 years old Labor Oh man I can't imagine I was I was 14 When I started working and I was I was Pretty young but what was it like the First summer because did you go from Nothing to like it was a clip and I Whined a lot Because I was the lazy spoiled boss's Kid but the carrot that my dad kept Dangling not number one it was you're Not gonna sit on your butt all summer Anymore you're actually going to do Something productive The second thing that he dangled the Carrot was however much money you can Earn for a car I will match that So you earned three grand I'll give you

Three grand you're in six you're in They'll give you six grand so he dangled That carrot and it was a very effective Carrot Well that's good so would you say that The statement about responsibility is Correct once you're given a taste to That you can rise to the occasion it Sort of teaches you I don't know how to Be a man I guess almost But you know I didn't then because I was Still I was a kid you know I was just Trying to get through I just saw the car That was all I saw I didn't see hvec as A is a future but I got to work with Some really cool guys and that was some Of the things that prompted it and other Lessons that my dad beat into me as I Was doing that because you know like Every other youngster that starts in This I messed a whole lot of stuff up But instead of having somebody fix it For me He would say okay now you get to take Your weekend and we're going to make This right So when you have to take responsibility For the stuff that you mess up and then Fix it that's one of the biggest issues I see in our industry right now is I Know this is on installers but you have Such a riff between install and service Guys because install guys can go and Install something mess it up and then

Instead of having to go back and fix it The poor service guys have to go back And they're the ones that clean it up And you talk about a recipe for a toxic Disaster in a company that is it let Someone else fix the problem That no one ever learns from that and That was one of the things dad he Hammered on me he messed it up okay Great go fix it So nobody cleaned up my mess It's exactly that my experience kind of Mirrors that because I was an installer For several years forever did any Service at all and I remember talking Because we had a sister company it was Kind of an odd situation my father came Up and he worked at a place called Hanover Iron Works and there was a Service company based in the same Building and they worked together they Would handle service and we would do Installs so Few years into me doing this stuff I Finally talked to one of these service Techs we talked to them periodically but Pertaining to my performance we'll say That so he had told me or he told me That day that there were so many leaks On a lot of our work because we didn't Pressure check our lines and I remember Thinking this whole time I thought Everything was fine it was almost like I Allowed myself the silence to be a

Comfort like I must be doing everything Great because I don't hear anybody Yelling at me it was kind of an Eye-opener because he was having to come Behind me and do all this work all these Problems that had been steadily creating For probably years at that point So it was um it was quite a mess and I And I felt Like I was kicked in the gut Because I had allowed myself to believe That it wasn't happening and it when I Found out it was it's like I was so Ashamed of myself That's but you know Shane's a good Motivator it's uh now I I didn't start Off doing anything like Brazen or Anything like that until probably I was Closer to 16. I would say you know the 2012 and 16 I was the Gopher because I Was learning the tools I was learning What stuff was uh how to connect Flex Duck how to put pipe together that kind Of thing And the tools are what I thought was so Cool about I still think the tools are Cool as I was watching your the segment Before this on all the different tools That that's one of the things I do miss About this I mean now oh yeah you know a Computer and a presentation remote are My two biggest tools I do miss sometimes Getting down and actually putting a duck System in I I enjoyed that work

So I didn't start that stuff until I was You know 16. uh we still wear these Three season jackets first time I ever Brazed I had to turn the torch back up Set the sleeve on fire I'll never forget It set yourself on fire one time and You'll never do it again yeah I burned My fingers one time on a hot copper pipe I never did that again either that was That was very painful memory marks very Bad yeah it was it was oh my gosh I've Never felt pain like that before that Was horrible

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through links. Learn more on my Private Policy page.

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