The Indoor Display Of Inverter Ac Is Corrupt

See, we have this indoor unit PCB of Inverter Ac The Problem we are seeing is on its display, and sometimes its display is full and sometimes it is showing half display and I don't understand At this time, see what is the Fault in it, see here,
work has been done on many points of this PCB board someone has tried a lot to fix it but
it could not be fixed and see all the diodes in it, etc., these transistors Etc
Are Installed in it, and this ULN2003 Darlington has also been removed and reinstalled here, so this error could not be finished at all, so let's try it up,
will we be able to fix it First of all, let me show you
what is coming on its display, then see I have given it electric, so
you can see that the display is flashing something like this and is working, and its run light I will show you that on the ac as well,
the run light is blinking one time, so see this display is not coming, only the
number of zero is there.

Sometimes it changes as well
, so see, I try it again that whatever error is displaying on it I will show you what is coming on
it, now again I have removed the electric from it and I have tried quite a lot. But till now its original error has not come, so once again I
give will give electricity to it and what it does will its complete display show or not, its display is not shown at all, I think Yes, when I am moving this wire, the problem is in its wiring connection I will fix this as well, so it means that, see that E0 error is started to display now now I will tell you why is e0 error displayed here and
how it can be repaired and apart from this, its repairing is possible or not,
you will also come to know in this video.

Now here what I did is, I installed the display back on the cover You can see that the E0 error is showing up, and see Its run light, run is written here, the light beneath it is flashing one time you can see here, now let's try to find what does this error means 'and how will we solve it, this is an unknown brand ac, which has come for repairing to me but we know that this PCB is of Midea Midea makes air conditioners as well as manufactures PCBs as well now when the e0 error is shown it means that see this ic is installed here when it is faulted or the voltages do not pass here or gets corrupted or short-circuited and then it will show you the e0 error code. And this IC is its EEPROM means Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory when the microcontroller starts and electricity comes here, the program stored here or the program you were using, the setting you did before is stored in this memory and when you start the unit again the EEPROM shares the same setting with the micro-controller turns the same program again, if you do any changes, then
that changes are stored here in this way, it works here, now
when we talk about it pin configuration, the one number pin starts from the top and let me tell you the rest of the pins as well you can watch its pin configuration by pausing the video, now here we will understand how EEPROM works it will work if that if the voltages in it, min and max voltages are according to the given model.

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It should have 2.5 volts to 5.5 volts max then this EEPROM will work, otherwise, it will not work, so let me tell you its pin numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 VSS, E2, NC NC is attached to the ground We should get 5 volts on the VCC then this EEPROM will work otherwise it will not work and if voltages are coming here then Then what we have to do Now I turned the PCB on, so now if we check
here, are we getting 5 volts or not we will check on its pin no 8 and pin no 1 five volts are coming here. which is absolutely fine
then it means that this EEPROM has been short-circuited or it has an internal problem or its program is corrupted so we will re-program it, then install it back and check whether it gets repaired or not now this PCB is absolutely fine I will pass electricity through it and show you how it works Its display is fine as I have fixed its wires.

When it had a problem the remote was not working on it So now I will on it using the universal remote. It's on now and working on 17-degree temperature cooling mode now what have I done to repair it, see its fan motor has also started this is its EEPROM IC, when I placed it inside the programmer, the programmer was not detecting it that means it is a complete short circuit from inside
and because of this, It was not working already I had its program, I write it on the another ic then I have installed it here, the result is in front of you that this PCB has been completely fixed.

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