Here’s Why Dodge Rams are Crap

rev up your engines, customer just towed me
this Ram these stupid semi keyless remote
dumbest system ever vehicle won't start so what are we gonna do well let's start
by turning the key and see what happens stick the key in, well the lights come on
so at least we turn the key off turn the key on its power there but when we turn
the key nothing, dead as a door nail, so with the key on let's turn the
headlights on go outside see what happens well the headlights are coming
on so there's power going through the system but you never know how much power
the battery has so let's open hood and check it typical dodge the hood won't
even stay up they make them like such pieces of junk so we need a stick so
test the battery, one tester on here and one tester on there and since it says
right here 790 cold cranking amps we'll check that it's in the vehicle battery
top post regular cold cranking and we'll put it on 790 and we push start we'll
see what it says state of houses not that great it says
it needs a recharge but then it's gonna be watch not start it needs recharging
but it's got enough should crank the engines not doing anything so
something's wrong between the battery and the ignition switch going to the
starter odds are it's this system there's such pieces of crap I'd
know it's Chrysler has enough problems building cars that is to add this stuff
on to it to make it another level of stuff that breaks on them, so I got my fancy
scan tool and pray it finds something wrong with the system with a code so we
don't have to check absolutely everything on this pile of junk so I'll
plug it in under the dash and pray at least around the vehicle now you can see
if it's chosen anything wrong typical Dodge that already shows that there are
eight faults in the powertrain control module we'll see what codes exist there
in the PCM whole bunch of them still under one misfire evap purge that's not it
that's not it brake pressure sensor incompatible implausible oil pressure
out of range, none of those are really starting problems the central gateway has two
faults let's check that yeah those really aren't gonna be why it's
not starting either so I'm gonna try trick I'm gonna erase all the codes this
machine can erase all the codes on it see if that's gonna help at all
sometimes strangely enough it does now they're all erased then I'm gonna try
another trick we're gonna remove the battery terminals one and the other
then what to remove we're gonna touch them together to reset everything drying
everything then leave them off for about five minutes that way I can reset
everything back to factory sightings to some extent sometimes it'll start right
up then let's see all right we'll put them back on plus the negative tighten
up the positive that's nice and tight now let's see what happens well sad but
true stupid thing still isn't gonna start so we know we turn the key on
we're hitting power I'm gonna Hot wire the starter and see if it will start then
that's pretty easy on that you get on the driver's side crawl under the starter
and somebody's already gotten the wire nicked here so you can check it we will
put a jumper cable right here on the starter line then reach under here and
fish the line up got your truck it's way up in the air and I'm not 80 feet tall
here so bear with me as I grab the stupid thing there's the wire now if we
put it on a positive cable it should make the starter at least turn over
nothing probably a bad start and here's a good test look this up so now it's
connected there you get a big hammer go back under the vehicle I gave it a few
whacks well it's not starting but that doesn't mean it's not the problem we
didn't get lucky on this a lot of times the start is still have some life left
you can hit it and with power going to it the stupid thing will at least start to
crank over in this case it's not even doing that so we're gonna have to pull
the starter off and then check it in the air to see if it works at all so I'll
take the battery terminal off so we don't shorten everything off when we
remove the starter then crawl back under then unbolt the starter and take the power
lines off yeah and off comes the starter, and here's dodge for you, this tiny little
starter for this huge Hemi engine and I can smell it
it's burnout I don't even have to test it's hot now
smells just burnout cheap start around a big engine and here's a replacement tiny
starter that's all they had to fit on a stupid thing at least locally if you
really want to do a better job you could try to find a race and starter that's a
lot better than this piece of junk but this is just the guy's work truck so I'm
just putting the same thing back on, so it just slides back in the hole and you put the
two bolts in the bottom and the top, get them
on nice and tight and don't forget to do
the top one too, there are two them hold on, then you get the big power cable and
put it on and put the nut on top of it then tighten it up, and then get
the starter over here and it just plugs right on there snaps right on nice and
tight uh don't forget to put the battery cable back on I had put it on nice and
tight there we go then let's pray it didn't short the
computer out even the computer on this thing has to do is start in the car and
sometimes I see if the starter shorts out it can fry the computer so let's
break didn't nothing as you can see when I scanned it has a bunch of other things
wrong but typical Dodge he wants this thing to start now it's starting I'm
stopping right there now you know what to do on your Dodge
truck or any other vehicle doesn't start check it step by step always be logical, so
if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
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