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so friends in today video we will talk about Gree DC inverter air conditioner so now which error code is showing on the indoor as you have seen in the thumbnail as you can see it is showing PL error code so why it is coming…………. so we will give you complete information about it but before that so when this error code will come so abviously be seen on the indoor it will also been shown error blinking on the outdoor so as you can see three lights are blinking here green, red and yellow colour lights the yellow light will blink in different patterns so now i will tell how much it will blink 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12……….so 12 blinks have come in it when this 12 blinks will come so it means that outdoor is also showing the same problem which is PL so lets tell you the whole problem when PL will come on the display so there can be three to four reasons behind it so i will clear it to you step by step so as infront of me main board is laid which we are using for electric supply so i am showing it to you so that i can explain you so when you have start the unit so you have put power cable here after putting it you have started the switch and after starting the display of unit show you PL now unit is close but i am showing you like this so it means that your main supply is coming that is less that if supply is coming less than 185 volts so than unit will direct give you PL on the display so you have to correct its power supply one situation can be that when you start the unit when unit is started indoor has started in outdoor than you have to check that what it is doing if it is started fan has started but compressor is taking start if it has jerked or it has started and than get closed and PL start showing on the display so it means that the cable you have used which is its main supply cable and beside it and electrically which cables are coming indoor to outdoor are not of good quality how is it not good? when we will put weak wire so this problem can come because when current flow will increase in it because when compressor take start so it take more flow of current due to this reason if your wires are weak so it will show PL becasue there suddenly electricity will become low voltages will get weak so it will show PL on the display beside it one more situation can be that if your unit has started after starting …………

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Compressor has also started approximately in one hour 4 to 5 times PL is shown on the display but again it get off and than again on sometimes again PLcomes and sometimes it get fine so than the reason behind it can be of the PCB so i will tell you what problem can come in the PCB the reason of PL on the display can also be loose connection so if there is loose connection in the main supply or if there is loose connection in its connector so current flow will spark here due to spark voltages and current flow will get disturb due to that PL can come again and again on the display so here when PL problem will come on the display so problem can also come in its PCB so what problem can be in it so i will explain it to you so if voltages are less in the PCB so how voltages can get less first reason behind it that if these two big capacitor get damaged due to any reason it get weak and voltages are not going properly to the IPM so than unit will show you PL beside it its main supply if problem comes in its main supply as you can see i have one more PCB as you can see as you can see this is PCB as you can see that here its connector has got damaged as its burned out and due to burning welding has got weak here when welding get weak so voltage and current flow is not good here so than also unit can show PL this was its main line PL was coming in this unit so we have repair it and the unit has also get fine beside it one more problem can come so that problem is of these capacitors beside problem can be of bus-bar so as you can see this print it is known as bus-bar as you can see on other side one negative point is going and one positive point going they are going towards the IPM so if this wire get burnt or get cut or get weak and current isn't good here voltage flow isn't good than also unit can give you PL so this way you can check all these things than your unit can get fine so mostly this problem is due to low flow of voltages as i told you its main problem in PCB problem can be in capacitors, bus-bar and its connectors

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