O General Dc Inverter Ac Operation & Timer(5+6) Light Blinks |Fujitsu ac Error Flashing | O general

Subscribe Youtube channel Forever Tech to get latest video updates friends error code is appeared on display we will tell you whenever this error code comes on display what does it means? and after coming this what fault is in your indoor outdoor unit ? First of all see its blinking now we will count it First of all we will count its main blinks 1,2,3,4,5 these are five now we will count timer timer is having sub-blinks we will count it again because I have missed it we will count it again 1,2,3,4,5 and will count timer blinks too now we will wait for it 1,2,3,4,5,6 six blinks when operation blinks five times and timer blinks six times this means your outdoor is faulty now we will take you towards outdoor where we will tell you in detail that why it comes and will give you complete information step by step this is its outdoor unit see this is fan motor and having backside its motor whenever it gets jammed cause of some reason it gives fault or in PCB see it is its connector this is fan motor connector and cause of some reason loose connection comes this is fan motor connection and connector is installed here it gets loose cause of some reason or wire is disconnected it will show error so first check Fan cause of some reason is it jamm or not or working or not if it is alright so then check its connector its loosed or not if that is alright too then check your PCB cause of some reason PCB is faulty your fan motor will not run so repair your PCB then you can get rid of this fault Friends!!!!!…its outdoor PCB when it gets faulty how can you check it? we have taken out Fan motor from unit so we can tell you when you see connector thoroughly red ,yellow ,brown white these combinations are given in this red and black wire 320 volt should pass black is ground and in red plus 320 volts shold be present First of all we will check it and show you your PCB see its start its connector is connected in this position red wire in one num pin brown is 7 num pin first we will check one and four num pin means we will check red and black now we will install connector so it do not damage connect jumpers then we will check voltage now we will give it electric as you can see we did setting one number and four number pin means red and black we have installed connector separately and set it on Dc volt multimeter now we will give it electric see here 302 dc volts are coming this means PCB at this point is absolutely right now we will test another next test is of black and white here in between plus 15 volts should come if these volts are not coming this means its faulty we have to make it right we have set it …..we will check 4 and 5 number pin we have connect PCB its jumper and proggs in multimeter we have set it now we will energize and give electric see electric is passed 15 volts are present here if is doesn't shows this it means PCB is faulty and we have to make it possible in spite this this yellow wire here plus 260 volts should come but when unit is in running then you can check it otherwise these volts PCB will not take it out when unit is running then you have to check it this brown wire is feedback wire if fan is on and still this error is coming you have to check feedback and focus it that voltage are making or coming if voltages are returning this means PCB is not taking voltages you have to correct it Friends hopefully you like this video will be very useful for you meet you in next informative video keep watching Forever Tech

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