How To Diagnose Central AC Problems – Brand New Carrier Central AC System Dead and Not Cooling

it's me mikey pipes going on a potential warranty 
recall uh this three ton carrier 16 seer system   that we installed about two months ago 
if you recall i had to take apart the   air handler totally disassembled in order to fit 
it into the closet door of the third floor maybe   i'll put a link in the description box down below 
to that video but their master bedroom suite no   plane no no air conditioning so i'm here i got my 
volt meter i got my milwaukee m12 impact driver   with the 5 16 drill no one's home but i think 
i hear the contactor pulled in let's go take a   look i'm going to show you quick troubleshooting 
tips to save yourself some aggravation but also   just for some educational purposes all right 
let's get going all right there's the unit   she's not on so i'm just gonna put down my ipad 
i use the service pal mobile dispatching and   invoicing app also lets me take payments right 
from the app but there's the unit we installed   there's my sticker so first thing we're 
gonna do i'm gonna take a peek inside here   and it looks like i am gonna need a phillip damn 
it so i'm gonna take off this cover right here see   if the contact is pulled in and see if i got um 
240 volts all right i got my cover off as you can   see my contactor is pulled in but it looks like i 
got some no bueno stuff going on right here i got   a bunch of charred wires and that is not good that 
is not good at all wow this is a brand new system   all right we're going to pull a disconnect we're 
going to verify that i don't have voltage there   we're going to see if we have any shorts to 
ground but wow that is not good look at that   look at that that is not good at all 
ladies and gentlemen that is no bueno wow   no bueno let's take a look at this contactor let 
me see if i can go the other way but let me pull   looks like she's permanently pulled in look 
at that the contactor is permanently pulled   in i don't have any power to it but it's 
still pulled in got a new contact already   you can see i still got 24 volts so i guess 
i'm good i thought let's go into the attic   we're going to replace that contactor 
very curious as to know why this did that   that's wow brand new unit brand new unit this 
happened on incredible all right i just checked   the capacitance of the dual capacitor i'm 
at 45.5 and we have a what do we got here   five so my my dual capacitor is good i'm gonna 
replace the wire from common to the contactor and   rewire this all right i have a new capacitor 
installed check the amperage from the 10.6 checking another line 10.5 okay let's check perm we're at 5.4 
let's just check fan while we're at it   and we're at 0.5 all right a common six amps 
so it looks like in this particular case this contactor was the culprit look at that wow 
defective contact a brand new machine incredible   full disclosure oh don't lose the screws full 
disclosure there's the model and serial number   just installed this just about two months ago but 
we did our due diligence we verified the problem   made corrections and hopefully this doesn't 
happen again maybe it's made in china yep   sure is made in china all right let's go update 
the client with what happened and what we did to   fix it i'm looking all over your taj mahal for 
you i found you so the part like i said that   tells gets a signal from the thermostat and tells 
the unit to turn on was frozen in place so it was   frozen on forever which rarely happens you see 
that on normally on on normal like like older   systems that are neglected not maintained but 
after so many years not on two months of system   i put the new part in i checked the compressor 
i checked the amperage of the system the breaker   of course was tripped in the electric panel 
which is in that small closet by the back door   i turned that back on i checked the amperage it's 
running fine the thermostat is reading a2 it's 93   degrees out it may not get too like i low i 
raised the 72.

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No i'm not called out yes um   it may not i think there's like a smell a little 
bit i noticed that too but never had that before   not from the system though right because i 
actually checked from the vent i don't know   if something else is going on maybe um i'll take 
a peek in the attic if you like yeah yeah i'll   take a peek up there okay but other than that 
it's running all right here's the air handler   i got no water in the condensate everything else 
is normal it's got a little funky smell though but   there's the plenum that we made but everything 
else is good you know what i had all my money on   electrical issue dealing with circuit breaker 
through no fault of equipment no fault of   installation i had no idea that we were looking at 
a seized up contactor on this condenser but got it   on film showing you guys you know what sometimes 
you just gotta eat it but we're gonna submit a   warranty claim through through carrier yeah i'll 
get back a 20 contactor or nine dollar contactor   it's not even worth my time submitting it but 
i just want to establish uh the service call   with ce northeast so they are aware this is what 
happened on this day and go from there all right   guys let me get your thoughts and feedback down 
in the comment section down below like i told the   homeowner i have never seen a brand new system 
and two months is brand new i've never seen a   brand new system seized up like that you know 
the contact is stuck in a closed position and   that thing was must have been cooking thank god 
we got no compressor damage because then carrier   mikey pipes would not be happy all right um 
rule of thumb be apologetic be apologetic to the   homeowner your client tell them listen i'm sorry 
this happened you know what but things happen   but you know what you called us we came the 
same day we took care of it and apologize and   say listen you know just keep an eye on the system 
let us know if something else goes wrong you know   the system i left with in the cooling mode it's 
cooling down made him aware that listen it's 93   degrees out it's gonna take a while for it to cool 
off it may not even happen until the sun goes down   so be apologetic you know explain in so many words 
what you did what you did to correct the problem   and move on alright guys thank you so much for 
watching to this short little video hope you   found it somewhat interesting and educational 
not so much entertaining but man i'm pissed a   carrier but at least it's not a compressor 
fingers crossed knock on wood made you laugh

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