AC PRO 5-Zone Ductless Split System: Ultimate Comfort & Efficiency

Introducing the 5-Zone Ductless Split System

Hello, this is Nick with Albert Air Conditioning, and today we are looking at a ductless split system that has five zones. As always, please like our page and subscribe so we can make more videos like this for you. The system we are going to be talking about is an AC Pro 4-Ton condenser with five zones. These zones serve the living room, dining room, kitchen, and three bedrooms.

Main Components of the System

To set up this system, we had to use a 4-ton system to accommodate the five zones. It consists of two high wall fan coils – 18,000 BTU each, for the larger zones, and three fan coils – 9,000 BTU each, for the bedrooms.

Electrical Work

We had to run electrical wiring from the panel, install a new breaker, and extend the wiring up on the roof, over and down to the condenser. This was covered in a special line cover we made that houses all of the lines which go into five different ports, along with the control wiring.

Once we took these up on the roof, we had to ensure proper positioning as this is a high ceiling house with no attics. We installed line covers to keep the wires protected and ran the condensate drain down to the unit. All these lines have UV protection and are foamed for leak-free operation.

Indoor Installation

Let’s take a look at the indoor installation and the individual zones.

Kitchen and Dining Room Zone

Here we have an 18,000 BTU high wall fan coil unit, installed to cover both the kitchen and dining room for cooling and heating comfort. This larger unit ensures proper temperature regulation in the most frequented areas of the house.

Living Room Zone

This is another 18,000 BTU high wall fan coil unit, mounted in the center of the main living room to provide adequate temperature control for such a large room.

Bedroom Zones

For the bedrooms, there are three 9,000 BTU wall-mounted fan coil units.

In one of the bedrooms, we mounted the fan coil unit above the closet, with a hole cut behind to access the lines and run the line cover from the roof down into the small attic space.

The other two bedrooms have a 9,000 BTU wall-mounted fan coil unit each that provides temperature control for a comfortable sleeping environment.

Remote Control Functionality

All zones use a cool remote control that has on/off and mode functions, along with temperature up/down buttons. You can also control the swing of the fan blades on the units for directing airflow up or down, and even left to right. This allows you to customize the direction of the airflow to suit your preference.

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