The Milwaukee PACKOUT Tool Box Gets Some Serious Bling..!

[Music] what's good motivators how are we doing today well i hope everyone's doing outstanding today everyone's just filled with motivation and ready to attack the day like no other just like i am you can hear you can clearly hear the motivation spewing from my mouth at this time just just full of it excited anyways what i am excited about is my milwaukee pack out system and how convenient it has been and helpful with me tackling a lot of these projects i have going on the functionality of the the system is definitely versatile today i'm going to open up some tools that i ordered and they recently came in the mail i wanted to share that experience some of the tools i purchased i probably don't need and i already have them what i don't have is the convenience factor of say my 105 husky tool set that i can fit in this bottom box with a little modification i can fit it in there you have to unstack these other toolboxes and constantly shifting stuff around when you need to get to your tools so i purchased something that should fall in line with my pack out system and i wanted to share that what i ended up going with was wanting to have a socket set that would fit and integrate into the paco system i looked online i was looking more in depth into what milwaukee offers and i found that they do exactly that with the low profile organizer you can have the 50 piece quarter inch drive socket set along with the 56 piece 3 8 drive socket set neatly organized within this low profile milwaukee pack out case so i saw that and i thought hey i need to jump on that so to be a lot more convenient i can kind of keep it on top of the stack seems like it's going to be a little more versatile or time you know saving time vice pulling this 105 piece set out of the lower box not having to unstack all these boxes and whatnot you can kind of keep it at the top of your stack and as soon as you need to start wrenching pull it off bring it with you and you have everything nice and neat there so that's what i essentially went with now they do offer you can buy this with the low profile organizer with the sockets already in there with the organizing trays everything together i already had this case so i just went and purchased the 3 8 and quarter inch drive set along with the inserts so part number 48229486 tias and tango and that offers your 3 8 [Applause] and quarter inch insert trays to neatly organize uh the sockets or you can really keep them in the hard case that they come in now the 56 piece part number 48229008 comes in its own hard case but it again it doesn't integrate into the pack out system which is great and all i'll keep the case you have the 50 piece quarter inch and both of these are metric and sae mind you which is which is good to go so four part number four eight two two nine zero zero four is what i got once i open these up everything out of these two cases should fit into these organizers which will fit into the low profile case which in turn will fit into the pack out system allowing me to quickly access my sockets when i start wrenching let's open this bad boy up see what we're working with i like the hard case again this is the 50 piece quarter inch drive socket set sae metric part number 48229004 he's nice plastic retainers or just hopefully set this thing up and hopefully nothing comes out flying at me all right well nothing but quality packaging nothing i wouldn't expect anything less from milwaukee it does have its own insert which i don't know what insert or how this would be compatible with that low profile case for milwaukee but you could easily set this into a drawer or any another area but it is nice and neatly packaged definitely top-notch quality there so go ahead and take this plastic wrapping off [Applause] comes with a lifetime guarantee for replacements i guess you just got to call milwaukee they hook you up i'm liking it that's the style of the driver again this is a quarter inch i don't know how many teeth this has it is definitely of good quality that's for sure i like this idea of the of the flat sockets so they don't roll around once they fall on the floor or anything else they won't roll off a toolbox or anything like that so they feel extremely lightweight as well so i don't know yeah this one feels a little more it's got a little more girth on the on the socket size but now this goes into the case a certain way so you can't use other organizing socket organizers or anything like that so it is milwaukee specific i guess but the quality looks looks top notch wouldn't expect anything less next up we have the 56 piece 3 8 drive set part number 48229008 so let's again we have a nice hard case neatly wrapped [Applause] nice nice case i'm sure this would fit into lower tool cart i'm not sure oh and again look at that i got it now that that's that is some good packaging right there you spend this amount of money on tools you you expect it to come right from the factory and this looks of exceptional quality the presentation is pretty good again it has its own insert neatly wrapped in plastic now this is way way too much but i want to get this plastic off without spilling it everywhere [Applause] i almost want to just keep it in its wrapper and just look at it all the time not even use it now this set is the 3 8 sae and metric with its own insert and again it's the flat i don't know what they call this the flat socket it keeps it from rolling around and i don't know any other benefit that it that it might have so you need a specific insert or organizer i assume to if you want to lay them like this with the flat option it does come with a extension short long and universal and your 3h drive ratchets what we have here are the inserts which should again fit into the low profile organizer i believe that is for the 3h drive and various extension pieces we'll have to see how that all works out and that's what that looks like and here is the quarter inch organizer and again that all fits into that low profile case i have the low profile pack out organizer which i previously have acquired which it also has its it already has inserts if you purchase it separate so i'm going to have to take these out excuse me the organizer with the organizers taken out if you purchase this separately you have this bad larry here just fits in the middle which i have to turn it around goes in like that which i like it has this little tab right here so you can get it out of there easily it's definitely convenient that one fits in there nice and neat and here we have the last piece and they're nice and neat these organizers are pretty slick you know you have the says metric on that side it has each one labeled so you know what you're grabbing that's pretty slick the quality fit is is um pretty good to go also what i like about this is you have this rubber gasket that goes around the top of this organizer that so when you close it down you got a good tight seal keeps moisture out of there which is always a good thing high quality so i took the time to neatly pull out all of these sockets and transfer them to the to the tray on the thin organizer it looks everything fit in there i don't have any extra tools or whatever so if you purchase those part numbers everything will convert and fit right into this thin pack out box even the sockets i don't know if i can get the focus but you can kind of see number 14 there 13 millimeter you can see that they're laser etched in there so the quality and numbering on the sockets for identification purposes is pretty easy they fit into the tray nice and neat so if the tray falls or you accidentally tip it over a little bit you're not going to have all of the sockets popping out but it is definitely neatly organized and and it looks good to go i'm happy with that now you can see that you have the red is your sae sockets which contains the quarter inch and 3 8 sockets all in one tray and over here you have your metric and you see that each slot is numbered on the tray and then on the sockets themselves obviously in the middle you have your drives and universal attachments so all in all i would say that this is going to be a good uh a good investment well that was interesting took a little work to open up the packages and get everything organized actually was pretty easy i'm lying but i think i'm excited about this that this will be a lot easier than having to dig out my husky from inside the large pack out box there on the bottom and i can just simply click that sucker in there and i have access to sockets whenever i'm doing some work so i was a little excited to to do that unbox that and finally see how that would all look and feel and i will say that i am definitely happy with that


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