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Hi, I'm Tim Gipson, I'm going to talk to you
about HVAC troubleshooting. Now, one of the best ways to make sure that your system maintains
optimal performance whether it's in the heating cycle in the winter months or in the cooling
cycle in the summer months is to make sure that you have routine maintenance done on
your systems. So usually how that's worked up is you work with a company and they will
inspect and make any repairs to your air conditioning system once a year, and then to your heating
system once a year. And that's really the best thing you can do as far as preventative
measures to keep from having your problems with your HVAC. Now if you have a situation
where well, it's a little cold, then the first thing you want to do is you always want to
start troubleshooting your HVAC by checking the simplest things first. So the first thing
we want to do is we want to check our thermostat and make sure it is set and it's working properly
and it's where it's supposed to be. The next thing would be if we're not heating well enough
or not cooling well enough we could not be getting enough airflow because maybe our filter
is clogged up.

So we want to check our filters and make sure – and these should be changed
out with these high efficiency filters – got to be changed out every two to three months
– with standard filters, they ought to be changed out every month. Now, if your system
is not running at all, then what you'd want to check there is there is a cut off on the
side of the unit so you may want to check and make sure that that cut off is still on
in the side of the unit, and the next area would be, would be to check your circuit breakers
in your main panel and then also your emergency cut off that's on the exterior out by your
air conditioning units.

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And if you check all those and you do have power and everything
is working but some of the part of the system that is really recommended that you contact
a professional company that has experience in HVAC systems and have them come and take
a look, 'cause in the long run, and particularly if you have an ongoing contract with somebody,
you'll be much better off in maintaining your system and troubleshooting your system. So
I'm Tim Gipson with some tips on troubleshooting your HVAC..

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